The White Knit

This time of year is all about comfort. Sod fashion, all we need is to feel warm (and our feet). That said, if you can find clothes that perform the before-said duties that don't make you look like a wilder beast pre-haircut then thats got to be a plus, right?

photo, Damsel in Dior - similar sweater here and here

For me it's all about the white knits. I like to keep a tight ship in terms of my wardrobe but somehow they just find their way in. I have 5 of them, five. I have a Whistles one I bought in their sale last year (they actually have a similar one this year, here), a Rag and Bone one bought at The OutNet (here - more on them below), a fantastic oversize one from And Other Stories (which is always worth a look for woolly-stuff as its ace). The other two are ASOS staples, just like these here and here.

oversize knit, similar here and here

As much it might seem ridiculous, for me a white knit is the white t shirt (in the summer) of the winter season. My little collection fulfil all requirements - my cropped one goes with pencil skirts, my fisherman's style one (I'm obsessed, the Pinterest board says it all, here) goes with jeans on weekends and looks super with leather, and my tighter ones are smart enough for the day job. In essence, you need more than one… Even I, the "you only need ten things in your closet" ambassador says so. They go with everything, from Monday morning "sh*t I should have planned for this" work outfit panic, to "I literally cannot be bothered to even wear pants" Sundays…

Shopping Tips

A good knit is an investment and for that reason should be simple and timeless. Avoided much detail and think about two things: fit and warmth. Do you feel enormous in it? If so, don't buy it - you won't get full wear out of it as you'll only wear it in your own company - and socialising is key in winter, not hibernating.

As it's an investment always check discount stores like The OutNet out. They have some super bits and bobs like this to die for Phillip Lim for 70% off, and this Vince easy-wear knit. Heavily discounted cashmere is exactly that - and it comes from a different part of the animal. True cashmere (the purest stuff) comes from the nape of the goat and no where else - hence it being so expensive as you need a lot of napes for one jumper… Brands like Pure Collection are prime examples of what true cashmere quality should be like.

Although places like Uniqlo and Marks and Spencer have some fantastic fitting stuff (here and here), just don't be deluded into thinking you're buying the same quality. That said if you're looking for jumpers you can just throw in the wash, then go for it - same goes for these brands: And Other Stories, Gap, COS and to a degree, Topshop (this jumper though…) and ASOS (each have been shortlisted under the link, so you're not trawling through).

cropped white jumper, similar (nailed this one, thank you thank you) here and here

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