Gift Guide: £150 and under

Here is part two to my three part gift guide series. If you missed the first one (£50 and under) here you go. This time we're looking at gifts for everyone under £150… This price point is super fun as you can start to buy things with real wow factor…

For Her

Now we've gone up a little in price, we can start to really get some luxe into the lives of the ones we love. Nothing, not one thing, can be better than fancy bed linen. If you haven't done it yourself, do. For me there is only one place and thats The White Company. Their Avignon and Harrison collections are my personal favourite… In the same vein, buy someone some luxury pyjamas. Mine are from Hush and they're unbelievably soft even after taking a battering in the tumblr drier for the last 2 years. Really recommend them, here. Or go for something a little more risqué; L'Agent (Agent Provacteur's less extreme little sister) has some really fun playsuits and bodies here.

Perfume is something, like flowers, I think a girl should never buy herself. This year was somewhat of an education for me in the scent department as I discovered Tom Ford's collection. Noir is without a doubt the nicest thing I've ever smelt. John Lewis have a gift set of it reduced, here. She will 110% end up wearing it for life, beautiful. Continuing the beauty-ish thread, Christmas is the perfect opportunity to help someone get to grips with what they should be using. Charlotte Tilbury is most definitely the brand of the moment, and this beauty bible as literally everything anyone could ever need, ever.

If you're really stuck but need to buy something for someone who knows a bit about "on trend" brands then a Comme Des Garcons pouch is very useful. Can be used as a wallet or a clutch, and for that reason very good value. More on the practical side, if she's into healthy living and all things juice then you really cannot go wrong with a Nutribullet. Find them here (the red one is a bit more festive, I have it). Finally, if she's into her music and her style then there really only are Frends headphones. These rose gold ones are the ultimate gift.

For Him

First up, clothes. Men are hard to buy for and experience tells me never to try and introduce them to a new style or colour at Christmas. Look at what they already have, and go for something similar. For example, the men in my life need a bit of an upgrade on their basics so I have picked out this Whistles denim shirt and this Old Harry jumper (new name from the South Coast, love it ALL). If you need to buy for someone who really isn't in to clothing, then you can never go wrong with decent hats, scarves and gloves. This Acne khaki coloured scarf is also perfect for you to steal back off him once the booze kicks in on Christmas Day evening, although it's so nice he may well remember he got it on Boxing Day sadly… Or if you want him to fend for himself try new name Spoke London where he can choose a pair of custom made chinos or cords…

On the "traditional classics" front, you can't go wrong with cufflinks (my favourites, here), gloves (here) or something handy like a bow tie. Granted he won't use it often, but every time he does he'll appreciate having a decent one (gone are the days of Moss Bros being in any way acceptable). This Lanvin one is the nuts. Annnnd if you're still trying to coax a guy into the world of smelling good, try this Le Labo scent and these Tom Dixon candles.

For You

Now this is where it gets fun; telling you what I want! First up, my ever growing trainer collection. I recently just brought these Nike beauties into the family, but am very much hoping someone buys me these ones. Never enough… My guilty pleasure. Next up, never forget that you always, always, need sunglasses. Not enough people remember this at Christmas and then summer comes around and you need to shell out for a pair. Best site I've found is Smart Buy Glasses, I've just picked up these Rayban Clubmasters and am super happy with them. Beauty wise, if you're asking for something special then make Aesop your go to - this set has everything you need to glow into 2016...

As I've got a older and wiser (that depressingly defaulted to "wider" when I typed it in), Christmas has become a little bit more practical. I can remember being horrified when my parents asked my grandmother for a dishwasher one year, but now I totally get it. Housewise, I spied these awesome chairs for under £100, and as much as I am berated for the number of cushions I own (men just don't understand) I really want this one from Anthropologie. On the "growing up" front, there comes a time when Ugg slippers start to make sense. I'm 110% there, so here are my favourites.

Hope that helps the present shopping missions you have to complete - my under £300 will follow in the coming days...



Josie said...

So many lovely things! I'd love to get the Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Bible, wouldn't that be an amazing thing to receive? x

Josie | Sick Chick Chic

Abbie said...

Ooooh some awesome gift ideas! I love the lace body <3 xx

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