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When you turn 30 a few things happen; you panic, freak out, freak out some more - and then just when you realise it's not all that bad you notice your face is suddenly "old looking." It's a sad truth. When I was super unwell at the beginning of the year it really made me understand the rationale behind investing in good skincare and make up. So, armed with my new found knowledge I'm going to be doing more beauty type stuff on the blog.  

Having quite literally thrown away everything I owned previously here are a few finds you really need to know about. This one is focussed on facial skincare and I'll do a few more on body stuff and make up stuff when I get a moment (and retrieve my make up bag from my friend's house…).

Before we tackle the at-home product - get out of the house and get a decent facial. My friend Helen recommended a clinic called Azure Beauty on South Molton Street a few months ago - if you live anywhere remotely close to them do pay them a visit. They are one of few places to use Carita products, and they combine with them other brands (Decleor, as an example) dependent on your skincare. 

The majority of salons use generic "safe" brands (no names mentioned)… It's a "one size fits all" mentality and they don't need as many stock variations. Businesses like Azure are the other end of the scale; more expensive but the facial is prescriptive. Think of it as the difference between diagnosing yourself in a chemist and buying whatever you can over the counter versus going to see a specialist who will tailor medication for you. Fully recommend.

Other very necessary mentions:

1. Perricone MD Face Finishing Moisturiser - This brand are the absolute gods in my eyes. When I do my make up post it will essentially be a dedication to their No Make Up Make Range as I wear it all every day. My first introduction to the brand was this moisturiser. It's like a hangover eraser - it hides a multitude of sins. Investing in this is a smart decision and one pot lasts 6 months.

2. Tom Ford Illuminating Primer - A few years ago I thought primer was when you washed down a wall before you painted it. Now I swear by it. I have no idea how or why it works - all I know is that since I became the proud owner of this one a lot of people have commented on my skin looking decent. I literally use one pump in the morning before I put my make up and just rub it all over my face. Simples.

3. Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Face Mask - I met Charlotte a few years ago when she casually mentioned she was thinking about starting up her own line. Fast forward to the present day and it's insane how well she's doing. I use this face mask once a week (it's becoming a Sunday afternoon ritual in my flat: hair up, bra off, Suits on, mask on) and its one of those products that you instantly see a difference in. To the extent that my housemate and I are thinking about doing it on Friday afternoons just so we can show off the results over the weekend…

4. Malin and Goetz Replenishing Face Serum - I first discovered this brand a few years ago as they are the toiletry brand of choice at the Hudson hotel in New York. Don't make the mistake I did and try and eat the Mojito flavoured shower gel - it's isn't as yummy as it smells. However do buy this serum as it's fricking awesome. One pump (no more, or it takes an age to soak in) before bed and you'll wake up with "I Woke Up Like This" Instagram selfie worthy skin. Boom (reversely for the days you wake up with a volcano like spot on your face their Acne cream is a lifesaver).

5. Bondi Sands Face Tanning-Tint - I bl**dy love a bit of fake tan. Especially post-treatment as I've really started to fully understand the effects of actual-in-the-sun-tanning. This stuff is awesome as it's really light - you don't really even need to wash your hands afterwards (sorry for the lazy girl comment but if anything requires mammoth effort it ain't happening for me). It's pretty cheap and isn't oily meaning that you won't come out in a huge break out, instead you'll be all sun kissed etc. 

6. Caudalie Grape Water - Not to be confused with gripe water; had a very weird conversation with my friend in Oz about this the other day. It took us about 10 minutes to work out we were talking about very different things. I discovered this when Selfridges sent me their new Beauty Box (sh*ts on all other beauty boxes by the way). Picture the scene: You're on your commute home, it's hot, you're sweaty, you're meeting friends. You look like you've run a marathon in a confined, dusty space. This stuff is the bomb. Simply spray it on your face. Thats it. Ne touché pas - let it soak in. Two minutes later you will look all replenished and capable of evening entertainment. 

7. REN Radiance Renewal Mask - This is the kind of thing you whack on the night before you go back to work after a hectic weekend or holiday. Do not ask me for the science behind it, but you put it on and when you take it off you look ready for Monday. Enough said?

I totally get that these options aren't that cheap - but if there is one thing I've learnt its that spending money (in the right places) on a solid beauty kit will transform your skin, and in turn your confidence. Shop them using the links above or click on the products below:

Hopefully you found this handy - it's a completely selfish venture into beauty on my part as I need all the help I can get to stop gravity and time taking over my face.  If you lot have any tips or tricks that you've discovered for a rapidly ageing girl like me please do let me know!

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