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As you may have already seen on the Reiss site or my Instagram, last weekend I went off to stay at Le Bristol for the weekend in Paris… It was an amazing couple of days which completely instilled my love of the city. We hopped over on the Eurostar (mind bogglingly easy) and arrived on Friday evening in perfect time for a quick dip in the rooftop pool before dinner (more on that later, it deserves its own post).

Saturday morning was a beautiful day so we head straight out after breakfast for a wander. After popping into a gallery or two we found ourselves in the middle of the Champs Elysees overlooking the Seine and the Palais de la Decouverte (an enormous glass conservatory that makes Alexandra Palace look like my granny's greenhouse in comparison). Happily snapping away it was only once we had walked over the Seine that I realised I'd left the memory card in the hotel room - so these photos are all courtesy of our iPhones, oops...

I should probably mention what I was wearing… I can mainly remember being baking hot. The jeans are my standard Topshop girlfriends, and the pumps are a new purchase from Gap (bought last week as an emergency when I was trying to break in a different pair and after a couple of hours I thought my feet were going to be gnawed off if I didn't change footwear). The tee is new from Reiss, because you have to wear stripes in Paris, right?

I wouldn't say I'm the usual rucksack type, but my new one here is amazing. Firstly it has an additional handle which makes it look like a bucket bag if you want it to (I wore it all weekend so if you still aren't sure check out posts later in the week, I am adamant I'll convince you). I found it super handy to have when plodding around town…  After some ice cold Oranginas we head back to the hotel to make use of the rooftop pool and terrace...

I had been eyeing up this swimsuit for months. I already own the black one, but the red version is something a little bit special which is fortunate as I had one of the most embarrassing situations of my life in it about five minutes after these photos were taken: I went back to the room to get the remainder of our wine from the night before (waste not, want not) and accidentally pressed the lift to go to the lobby rather than the roof, and arrived at reception wearing only this, holding the bottle of wine… A group of Americans thought this was hilarious (reception is formal, and busy) and I felt like something out of Pretty Woman. Needless to say the wine was sunk quickly afterwards to rid myself of the feeling of complete embarrassment...

After this we head back to the room to change before going up to Stade du France to watch the rugby (England v France). We had brilliant seats and the atmosphere was amazing - if only we'd won it would have made the perfect evening!  I'll be posting content from Paris across the week, and check out the Reiss site here for more.


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Unknown said...

I love Paris - hope to go back someday soon too! Even if they are Iphone pictures they still look lovely.

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