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One of the nicest things about our staycation at Limewood a couple of weeks ago was simply being outside. Obviously you can do this in London but there is something about the countryside that makes it a hell of lot better. Letting the dog off the lead (he made friend's with Lily's dog, Rudy) and watching him bound about without a care (or a car) in the world is one of my favourite pastimes, especially if you can do while drinking ice cold gin and tonics..!

I laughed when I saw these photos because they completely emulate how I felt at the time; "I just want to sit down and relax, stop being a blogger and enjoy this." In truth, I bl**dy hate having my photo taken. I really, really do. I've got a bit better at it as I completely accept that I need to do it, and sometimes as a blogger you just have to bite your lip and try and enjoy it… I'm still working on not looking completely miserable, apologies for the resting b*tch face.

I spotted this dress on a Mint Velvet newsletter and immediately set about buying it. I love dresses like this; they take absolutely no effort and hide a multitude of sins (perfect given we ate 8 courses that evening). You can dress them up or down and the print goes with everything. I used to have an amazing navy silk one that I annoyingly lost in a house move and I'd been keeping an eye out for a replacement ever since. I also got the trousers in the same print (here) - they're both perfect to wear when travelling as they're both just so damn comfortable.

The sunglasses are new from Marc by Marc Jacobs, I've been wearing them far too much as I have a really attractive white line on my nose from them. Not that I care because I absolutely love them - they're a totally different shape to my usual choices too. The jacket is Anneli's (benefit of holidaying with a blogger = they bring far too many clothes with them, and nice ones) from River Island here. I felt like everyone had a khaki jacket except for me so last week I went to Topshop and bought my own, here - they're so useful in this tricky weather we've been having.

Get the look here with items from my outfit and some extra similar finds:


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