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So this week's pick was heavily influenced by the weather over the weekend, so apologies if it seems pre-empted. But you know what? I don't care! After the gloomy start to the year I literally cannot wait for barbecues, copious amounts of rose, holidays, late evenings outside and wearing clothes that make you feel good (in my case, white and blue with pops of prints and brights thrown in at random). In other words; summer.

I feel like my love affair with River Island has been rekindled this season.  Being honest with you, I really didn't like it for a few seasons. I felt like you needed to be 14 years old with a stomach like Rihanna to look good in any of their stuff. Things are different now, we've talked it out and we're working through our issues. These two little camis (here and here) and these green shoes are only the start of my wish list… The same goes for Ted Baker; I've found a few things I love there this season (this parrot print tee, this palm print denim shirt and this embellished bomber jacket). Last up on the surprise hits of the season; Hobbs. Their footwear is absolutely awesome, check it all out here.

I couldn't not mention this skirt as I nearly leaped for joy when I found it… I've been searching for one for months after seeing the Acne one in 2012. This is just as good, if not even better (when considering the price) - get yourself down to And Other Stories now (H&M's cooler, Coachella attending, sister). Ooh and on the subject of decent designer copies, if anyone was after the Isabel Marant padded-look sandals Atterley Road have got a replica pair for £37 here.

Salmon pink would never have been on my hit list but after testing it last season I've decided it's the perfect halfway-house in terms of pastel colours. This Iris and Ink sleeveless blazer is perfect for people trying to spruce up their grey, corporate wardrobe and also looks great on the weekend with blue denim and white tees. Work wise, the same goes for this Alexander Wang shirt (50% off, win). Wear it with fitted trousers and a belt in the office, and then wear with absolutely nothing else (underwear, optional) at the weekends. Last but by no means least is this Whistles dress. I positively repel wedding guest-dress shopping. I hate dress codes and I hate dressing up when forced to. So, when shopping recently for a close friend's nuptials I also think on the basis of repeated-wear. This one will last me a long time and is excellent for dressing up and dressing down. 


Andrea said...

I felt the same way about River Island for a while! There stuff basically wasn't wearable once you were over 15.
I love that black and white dress though. So cute!!
xo Andrea
Wonderful and Marvelous

ofvogueandrestraint said...

Haha I'll have to see for myself if River Island has improved their range this season. I find some of their simple items can be quite nice, but more commonly their clothes involve all sorts of embellishments that I can't imagine would survive a cycle in a washing machine or slogans I'm not sure I want to walk about in...

Also, I love the Hobbs sandals! The leather they use for their shoes is soo luxurious... it's sort of like standing on melting chocolate. The Alexander Wang shirt and the & Other Stories skirt look wonderful too, great finds!

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