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Danielle from We Wore What wearing ASOS jacket and ASOS culottes

I'm from the generation that remember ASOS to be the place you went to get the copycat dress that Rachel Stevens' wore on SMTV. "As Seen On Screen" was cheap, fun and how to look like all the girls you secretly wanted to be. So when, years later, it was being banded around as a core fashion destination I was dubious. It's taken me a couple of years, but finally ASOS and I are firm friends. As the site is so, so overwhelming (13,000 ASOS own label items!) I thought I'd do a little edit for you (scroll through the images below) …

ASOS have come into their own in recent seasons and you can easily find bargains and the pieces you'd otherwise be traipsing up and down the high street for. Yes, sometimes their pieces are complete copycats of designer pieces but you need to remember the site's original identity and then it all makes sense! Sometimes their dresses and tops can be 100% polyester but aside from that there is nothing to check for - just enjoy! 

PS - If you like this lot you should absolutely follow one of their stylists called Isabella, here.

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