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Having spent quite a bit of time reading magazines recently I've managed to get back up to speed on whats hot right now, and I thought I'd share my favourite pieces with you in a new weekly post (I tried to think of a witty name for the posts, but my brain isn't quite up to that just yet). It's a weird time to try and dress in the UK, you need outfits that are equipped for all seasons. We're talking light long sleeved shirts, loose jeans (with tees and cards) and we're starting to brave the legs and sandals weather... So, here you go:

J Crew features heavily, not sure about you but I think their prices have got a lot fairer this season. I didn't want to go too overboard in the collage but you should also check out this laced sweater and this tie dye tee in addition to the bits above. Secondly, if you didn't already know you should really check out the Whistles mid season sale. Its pretty damn ace. The lace skirt above is super cute and half price…  This denim jumpsuit is the absolute bomb, I've been craving it for ages. It's from affordable luxe basics eStore Atterley Road, a website that it always staggers me that few people know about - but then, it's a hidden gem. So go and buy it, but don't tell too many people about it. It can be our little secret.

Next up, unless you've been living under a rock you'll know that Pharrell Williams has paired up with Adidas to create a range of Superstar trainers. Having given up waiting for Stan Smiths to come available in my size I decided to buy these green ones - I figured that they were a neutral enough colour to last a few seasons… I love them, so comfortable. Slightly more "formally" I'm loving a few bits from Reiss at the moment, my white blazer hasn't made it through to this season (coffee stains are a b*tch) so I'm hoping to upgrade to this one soon. Last but not least, this shirt from Topshop is perfect office "fridaywear" - put it under a jacket during the day and then remove for pub time!


Josie said...

I'm a little bit in love with that denim jumpsuit! I need a new white blazer too, had a bit of an accident with a glass of red wine x

Josie’s Journal

Natalie said...

i am obsessed with my army shirt/parka, it's going to get so much wear this season over tops and dresses and skirts and everything!! x

Natalie / Salt & Sail

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