[Love Her Look] That Tartan Scarf

I'm back! Thank you to those who noticed my little blogging hiatus, Lopez and I have had an extremely busy start to 2015 so the blog took a back seat for a few weeks. I've also not been well, which I'll explain more about when I know more, but am hoping after the next couple of weeks I'll be sorted out. So, it's back to the world of Love Her Look and the pin that has got the most shares/likes/pins so far this year is the below...

This outfit, for me, is perfect "weekend wearing". If there is one item that sums up 2014 for me, it was a tartan oversize Zara scarf. Walking around the streets of London, you'd spot at least 5 or 6 girls wearing it! It doesn't look set to have changed in 2015 either; I turned up to a dinner the other week and 3 of us had it on. In typical Zara style they stopped making it almost as soon as I'd bought it, but Rose pointed out that ASOS have an identical one, here.

Her utility jacket is ace, I am yet to buy mine as I'm saving up for a "proper" one at the moment. There is a French brand I can't remember the name of that makes amazing ones - and I also have my eye on this Burberry number (I think her actual one is this one). I can't work out if her trousers are leather or not, but a pair of green pants are fantastically useful. Having seen Laura wearing her Topshop ones here, I raced to get mine. Last but not least, black ankle boots. Topshop are very good for these, but my allstars at the moment are this pair from ASOS. Enjoy your week girls, and it's good to be back! 


Unknown said...

I'm so in love with my tartan scarf, there's literally nothing it doesn't go well with. Classic.

Becky ::

Ana @Champagnegirlsabouttown said...

Welcome back! I missed you :)

Claire said...

Love this scarf - clicking to buy immediately - it'll be perfect on my ski holiday next month and for winters to come.

I have a red tartan and houndstooth scarf/blanket from Zara from last year that I see hundreds of people wearing but I still love that too, although it is VERY big!

Hope you feel better soon

Claire x

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