[Trend] Kicking The Bucket (Bag)

I'm having a bit of a clear out at the moment and have realised a gap in my handbag collection for a bucket bag. When they first appeared I wasn't all that sure, but having seen some of the lovely styles (and drooling over a friend's Wang, here) I've decided it's time to get my hands on one.

I love how simple they are, and work really well with the kind of "casual cool" style I try to replicate. They look great with relaxed knits, neutral layers and denims.  On the other hand, if you pair one up with heels in the same colour they can add a little "je ne sais quoi" to a more dressed up outfit.

If money was no object it would be a close call for me between this Anya Hindmarch piece, and a vibrant Liberty number. J Crew have some really nice options (this mint one is lush), and last but by no means least Sophie Anderson's options on Net A Porter make me want to disappear off to remote beach and sip holiday cocktails… Here is my little edit of the best around at the moment, from break-the-bank to hooray-for-high-street…

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[Outfit] Playing wingman at LFW

Lopez and I work at Somerset House a few days a week and so our usual lazy commute through the fountains was interrupted on Friday by a little event you may have heard of: London Fashion Week. This was the dog's first experience and he found it all a little bit exciting (he had endless amusement barking at the photographers as they gathered around him, he clearly hadn't noticed that they were actually stampeding to take pictures of Susie Lau rather than him).

Our visit was brief, we popped in to see our friends at Re Present with Anneli (seemed only natural to check out the cinnamon buns Scandi brands with Lopez's fave Scandi lass). We then bumped into Julia and Topshop who took a quick snap of us for their its a dog's life feature on their blog. As you can see, I was less prepared than my pooch (!) but it was nice to get a photo together for once that wasn't a selfie in the mirror (although Julia is very good at capturing people doing selfies… here is the image she snapped of Alexa and Kendall that went a tad viral).

This outfit is literally what I live in Mon-Fri at the moment. The grey coat was a purchase from Atterley Road last year from a brand called Twist and Tango, the jeans are my ultimate "must have" from ASOS (they're £19), the sweater is from Reiss (I have about 6 of them, the softest of soft even after umpteen washes) and the trainers are from the Liberty collab' back in 2013 (am now craving these newbies)… Lopez is wearing his present from the Mulberry team last year; his lead from the collaboration they did with Mungo and Maud, and his collar is from Creature Clothes at Pets Pyjamas.

NB - The coral and green match up was completely by chance… Lopez and I don't make a habit of coordinating… 

[Trend] Skirting The Suede Issue

I'm writing this post for a really selfish reason; if I research into suede skirts enough I will find one I want to buy for myself. It's taken me a while to get into this look. For me suede makes me think of off-smelling clothing - the kind that needs to go to the cleaners as it was bought and enjoyed throughout the 1970s. Then I spotted people like Julia and Pandora sporting theirs and I started to realise quite how chic they could be…

The Best Minis
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One little lesson I have learnt since starting the blog is that if you're keen to try a fabric out make sure you still stick with a style that you know fits you. As an example, mini skirts only work me if they're fitted. If they have any kind of flare I look ridiculous as I'm too short, the same goes for calf length ones - I need heels with them. Multicoloured ones don't work for me either (sob) as they seem to only section out part of my bum and thighs a bit like those diagrams of a pig you get in posh butcher shops, and why would I want to put myself through that? Lastly, anything with pockets on the front works only to remind me that I really should do more than stare at the gym membership in my wallet…

Get Olivia's look; suede shirt, fringed suede skirt

The Best Fringes
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So plain coloured, fitted (or partnered with heels) suede skirts are the way forward. Fringing is ok, provided it isn't too much as I can envisage horrid events like shutting half my skirt in the bus door… And if it's a mini skirt it has to actually be really quite short as the mid length doesn't flatter me at all (in case anyone is trying to benchmark: I'm a 5 foot 4, size 10 with a 27/28 inch waist). I really like Alexa's in the photo above and having hunted down I think it is this one

The Best Midis
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Midis are my favourite as you probably already know… I love them either in pencil skirt format or floaty (I know that isn't the right term, but hoping you know what I mean). I'm very tempted to go all Khardashian and try out this Missguided number, thoughts? And if money was no object it would be Valentino all the way, this skirt is just out of this world… Oh and as they're not on RewardStyle so I can't add them to the selection above please don't forget this Jaegar number as it's absolutely beautiful.

In the end I have settled with this Miss Selfridge mini. It's 70s enough to hit the nail on the head with the current trend, but it's also a neutral enough colour to keep going alongside my staples. Oh, and it's dead cheap. Midi wise, I'm still trying to choose but I think this Reiss black one might be the winner as it's smart enough for night and day… Which is your favourite?


[Love Her Look] That Tartan Scarf

I'm back! Thank you to those who noticed my little blogging hiatus, Lopez and I have had an extremely busy start to 2015 so the blog took a back seat for a few weeks. I've also not been well, which I'll explain more about when I know more, but am hoping after the next couple of weeks I'll be sorted out. So, it's back to the world of Love Her Look and the pin that has got the most shares/likes/pins so far this year is the below...

This outfit, for me, is perfect "weekend wearing". If there is one item that sums up 2014 for me, it was a tartan oversize Zara scarf. Walking around the streets of London, you'd spot at least 5 or 6 girls wearing it! It doesn't look set to have changed in 2015 either; I turned up to a dinner the other week and 3 of us had it on. In typical Zara style they stopped making it almost as soon as I'd bought it, but Rose pointed out that ASOS have an identical one, here.

Her utility jacket is ace, I am yet to buy mine as I'm saving up for a "proper" one at the moment. There is a French brand I can't remember the name of that makes amazing ones - and I also have my eye on this Burberry number (I think her actual one is this one). I can't work out if her trousers are leather or not, but a pair of green pants are fantastically useful. Having seen Laura wearing her Topshop ones here, I raced to get mine. Last but not least, black ankle boots. Topshop are very good for these, but my allstars at the moment are this pair from ASOS. Enjoy your week girls, and it's good to be back! 
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