[Love Her Look] Khaki and Leather

It didn't really surprise me that last week's most popular pin from my Pinterest account was this lady (again, I don't know who she is so if anyone does let me know so I can give her some credit!).  She's wearing two of my favourite wardrobe pieces: a khaki army shirt and a leather midi skirt.  I have this Topshop shirt and have been wearing it to death (it actually featured in my first ever outfit post three years ago). If you're looking at investing (and you should, it's an essential piece in my book look no further than this Marant beauty).

As for the leather skirt, I bought a very good pleather one from Whistles this summer which is still going strong (which you can now pick up for £25 in their sale here) and would also recommend this Warehouse beauty which ticks the same boxes. Next year I'll make the bigger investment and get a proper hide one. Proving that leather pieces don't necessarily break the bank, I've got my eye on these Reiss, Marks and Spencer and River Island ones... Thats not to say that this one from The Row isn't firmly on the Christmas wishlist! Enjoy!



Josie said...

I really want a khaki shirt, I'm just too fussy...the colour is never the right shade! I really like these posts, I love your pinterest! x

Josie’s Journal

Ana said...

I have had my khaki shirt for 20 years now :) The more it fades the better it gets!

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