Our 30th Birthday Party

You may have noticed that the blog went a bit quiet for a week. Well, it was my big 3-0!  I decided to give myself a break from all things blogging for a few days and fully relax and enjoy my birthday.  Ben and I went away on the day itself (more on that to come) but on Saturday evening my friend Georgie (who is 5 days older than me) shared a birthday bash in Fulham with our nearest and dearest.

We went for a prohibition theme, and really went for it. It was so cool that everyone actually bothered to dress up. We had a spectacular magician (or as he prefers, an illusionist), a stonking great, big birthday cake (half red velvet, half chocolate - and I somehow managed to lose my half at some point during the night, go figure) and a lot of love from our favourite people.

I wore a dress from Miss Selfridge which went down a treat (although I am still finding the beads from it everywhere from the carpet to the car - no idea why, it still looks brand new) and some Jimmy Choo heels.  I'm not sure where many of the other girls' bits came from except for Ella, who had spent the majority of her Saturday hunting down suitable attire (and wound up in Ann Summers to buy these gloves) and Ben decked the boys out in his Atelier Scotch ties and the braces were a last minute dash to Topman.

We drank a lot, danced a lot and ate a lot of penny sweets. My mum, dad and sister came, which was lovely as they travelled all the way from Cardiff having watched the rugby in the rain. It may have been the amount of gin consumed, but I felt extremely emotional when everyone sang happy birthday to us both around the cake - genuinely touched at the effort everyone had gone to. 

So far 30 is good. I do feel older, I feel like I need to be a bit more sensible (a few weekends will no doubt get that out of me) and also felt like I need to "give back" a bit. Having been to see the poppies at  the Tower of London recently it really hit home to me how lucky my generation is in comparison to those previously. We've never had to do anything in our lives really... My grandfather went to war at 17 with 30 friends and was the only one to come back.

So, I've joined GoodGym. It does exactly what it says on the tin. You "gym" and do "good."  I'm very excited to be paired up with my isolated elder, who I will visit regularly - and in return for the commitment I get a personal trainer to help me with my fitness goals.  I'll also be told about people or tasks in need in my area, and be given the opportunity to help out. My t shirt arrived in the post today and I am raring to go!



iamnobody said...

So beautiful Anna! Amazing party, amazing pictures and if I may, your bum in that dress..... AAAAAAAH!!!! Happy 30th my lovely! Freddie xXx

Vodkaandarose said...

You look gorgeous Anna, beautiful dress...shame it's now shedding it's beads......did you find your part of the cake??

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