[Trend] Visiting The Cape

I made a note to make this post months ago, just after the AW15 shows back in February but back then I hadn't (naively) anticipated how much of a trend this was going to be for autumn. Ladies, I'm talking about blanket scarves, capes, whatever you want to call them.  All it took was one Burberry catwalk show (if you haven't seen it, have a look here) and one very strategic round of gifting to the street stylers and bang - everyone wanted one. 

Pernille in her grey/orange blanket coat - get similar here

Any one close to my age will remember the poncho phase we had in the late 1990s.  I had a cream one from Topshop and I was in love with it (most probably worn with my Morgan t shirt and pedal pushers - major cringe). This is something a little bit better. Nothing says Sunday dressing more than being able to dress up in a tent. All day, and be considered stylish. Win win situation.

Hanneli Mustaparta in her cream and grey cape coat (very similar here and here)

If you're lucky enough to be able to afford a Burberry one, click here. With the luxury brands its all about lots of lush fabric combined with netural colourings - lots of greys and creams. My favourites are from The Row, Chloe and Vivienne Westwood - not forgetting a very "Miroslava Duma" McQueen number here which I'm a tad obsessed with... Alpaca seems to be the wool of choice (sorry bunnies, but you can ask if it is a by-product which many are now), and the creams and grey shades are most popular like Hanneli's above (which I'm obsessed with).

go boho with a cape like this Topshop one

You could however go the other way and go for the "magic carpet" look as I head it described yesterday - Topshop have an amazing selection including a dead ringer to the one above here.  Theirs something very relaxing about this kind of cape - pair it with some ankle boots, jeans and a tee and you've got it nailed - and I'm guessing you'll all have some of those... I personally don't like the kimono-inspired ones as there are a lot of people who wear them really badly... Any way, as it's lighter than a coat but warmer than a scarf it's the perfect piece for autumn transition (that sounded very fash-un, sorry), so I'd fully recommend getting one...


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Anonymous said...

absolutely had one (very pink one) in the late 90s too!! love the style and simple designs now! and btw don't worry about alpaca, their wool is like sheep wool. I think you probably meant angora and the harvesting of that really is bad, so mind your fuzzy sweaters.

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