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I haven't done an essentials post in a while, and as they are the foundations of this blog I feel a little bad.  It's well timed, I move out of my Battersea flat in a few weeks and am currently going through a wardrobe cleanse.  I have thrown out a lot, and have other bags for selling and charity shops.  I find it super therapeutic.

So, back to the essentials.  This post is all about the grey tee shirt.  A simple, understated top that every girl should have.  It's just one of my twenty odd essentials boards I'm accumulating on Pinterest here.  It's more laid back than it's black and white friends (nothing says weekend like a grey tee and a pair of slouchy denims) and works really well with coloured skirts and tops - particularly pinks and blues, ooh not forgetting metallics.  

Admittedly this isn't one for hot weather.  Grey cotton is the worst for sweat, so if you are one of those who does get a little sticky in the sun - steer clear until the summer calms down.  I have one, but there is an argument to say you need two - one fitted, one oversize.  My fitted one is from Reiss a couple of years ago.  It's been worn to death, but still hanging on in there and looking good.

Recommendations for brands are as follows: For fitted tees, the high street do them well.  Topshop, COS and Uniqlo will be good enough quality.  For the oversize, thats where you need one with a slightly higher price-point (it's all about the fabric, people make the mistake of forgetting you need fit even more with larger things than tighter ones). Peridot, Splendid, James Perse and Rag and Bone are all favourites - invest in your (t shirted) chest my friends, you won't look back (although do keep an eye on The OutNet for deals, they have some good ones here).

Pair them up with your leather jackets, black denims and utility shirts for weekends, or with pretty lace skirts, prints and heels for something a little more... Enjoy!

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Unknown said...

I don't have a grey tshirt but I'm thinking I need to invest in one now!

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