[Outfit] Meandering around Mayfair

There is no doubt about it, it's hot in London town.  I spent the morning today meandering the streets of Mayfair with Monica who kindly agreed to take a few snaps.  It wasn't supposed to be a blogged-outfit but I realised this kind of thing is pretty much my basic outfit in this weather so it would be cool ('xcuse the pun) to share it with you...

My dress is an oldie but a goodie, I've blogged about every year since I've started the blog.  It's from Uniqlo and I have it in three colours (khaki, black and cream).  They bring out an updated version each summer, here is 2014s and here is a dead ringers from ASOS. I love them as they're super cool in the heat, formal enough for a work meeting but casual enough to meet friends.  My shoes are Birkenstocks - I fell for the craze, and man did I fall hard. I love them and wear them constantly - I got mine from Atterley Road as they were half the price Net A Porter were selling them for, win!

The breton tee is also via Atterley Road, from a brand called Saint James which is kind of the unspoken official place to get your stripes from.  It comes up very oversize, so do size down if you're buying one. I live in mine and like tying it round my waist with dresses to break up the block colour - it looks just as good with the basic denims, tees and skirts I spend the summer in too. 

The cap (featured later in the pictures) is a J Crew number. I was prying over one for months having seen it in a magazine and then finally found it in Los Angeles in April - God bless America for that exchange rate. Although, having worn it the amount I do I think the price would have been justified even if I had shelled out the UK rate. I was given the bag by a friend and don't know where it's from - it's exactly the same size as my laptop which is super handy.

I promise you I didn't spend the entire day meandering - I did actually do some work! Monica and I said our goodbyes after a mammoth catch up to head back to our desks and focus on all things day-job. I hope you are all coping ok in the heat - drink water, wear loose clothes and try and fit in some tanning time ;) !



Unknown said...

god bless uniqlo eh? so good for those things you can throw on without thinking about!


Unknown said...

Love the striped shirt around the waist. Perfect touch.

Heidi D.

thankfifi said...

You look super brown lady! Love the laid back vibe... and I fell for Birks too...


Fashion Follows Her said...

Bretton stripes always make me think of summer- perfect look.

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