[Craving] Breton Striped Midi Skirt

You won't have to have popped on to my blog many times to know about my crazed obsession with breton stripes.  Hell, google it and I (proudly) come up as pretty much 80% of the image sources.  But one thing I've never really done is combined my love for a midi skirt with my stripy addiction.  I was shopping for a wedding outfit (absolute nightmare, occasion-wear is not my forte and goes against every aspect of my fashion mantra, more on this to come) when I spotted this skirt from Whistles.

It was love. Instantly. A little part of me cried when I left the store without it. I promptly got home and added it to the wish list. A few moments of worthwhile procrastination later and I found the same skirt on Mollie King.  But it wasn't - it was a dead ringer for £70 less! I haven't shopped in Oasis for quite a while, it's a store that goes a little bit over my head, buy having spotted Mollie in this piece I decided to have a scout around their offering and it's really very good at the moment - check out their full selection of midi skirts, they have some beauties.

Back to the midis - I really have to own one of them.  Logic would say the Oasis one, but yet I know Whistles clothing is such good quality. And something like this I'll be wearing long after stripes go completely out of trend... What do you think?  I've pieced together what I'd pair them with above - cropped shirts, tops, jumpers, heels for night, flats for day (or, specifically this little beaut from Topshop, wow). The list is endless. Let me know what you think!


Unknown said...

Love this look! So timeless and chic!

Heidi D.

Anonymous said...

Wish I could pull of midis - the look so chic, especially with a stripe pattern! Congrats on you bargain find :)

Harriet x


Anonymous said...

The whistles one is a beaut and is now on sale for £65 x

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