[Trend] Doing Anything for an Espadrille'

I have a new obsession.  It's been brewing for a while.  Last summer when I was working at Vestiaire there was one item we couldn't keep on the site longer than five minutes, Chanel espadrilles.  For that reason, my stubborn self refused to get "into it."  Friends would "ooh" and "aah" and beg me to keep some on hold if they came in, but for some reason it went straight over my head.  

Then, as if I'm born to be the person late on the bandwagon (it always happened, I was the girl who liked Barbies at 10 - too old - and got into Take That just as they became uncool) the trend hit me smack between the eyes.  And now I'm obsessed.  And you can't find them anywhere. FABULOUS.

In the times it's taken me to "get it" a few other houses have piped up with their take on the look.  Mainly Valentino and Celine.  I'm struggling to decide in my aspirational mind which ones I've prefer.  Apparently the Celines are the most comfortable, but are the Chanels the timeless ones.  The Valentinos look most likely not to last, they are made from lace after all.  But they're all just so cool.  I've been collecting up pictures in my summer feet Pinterest album for a long time, but have put my favourite pictures in this post.  As you can see, you can wear them with just about anything.

I do think part of the crush we're having on them is due to how unavailable they are.  Only last week I was walking the dog down Sloane Street and noticed a pile of people outside Valentino.  Apparently their latest batch had come in, and some of the crowd had been there since 6am. On a Wednesday. SAY WUT.  

I've been looking around and there are some very good alternatives.  I kind of refuse to do "copycat" things now as then you look exactly like one: a cheap version of the look you're really trying to be.  But I've found a few general espadrilles that I really like that won't break the bank any where near as much (especially as so many are now on sale) - or you can super cheap and get these Topshop ones for £16. Here you go:

If you're dying for a pair, do try out resellers as they do come up.  You can sign up for an alert on Vestiaire when a pair come in (although sometimes even that isn't quick enough - saying that they do have a couple of Celine pairs at the moment) and sites that run on pure consignment model (theredore have better control on knowing when things come in) like Covetique can do waiting lists if you contact them directly.  Otherwise, it's the usual Matches (v good deals, I bought these for £24) and Net A Porter bunch you need to check on to on a daily basis...  Good luck!



januarysublime said...

I'm a sucker for deciding I like things beyond the times too! These espadrilles are pretty beaut, perfect for summer.
Might have to get my hands on a slightly more accessible brand though - Topshop, here I come!

JS xx

Josie said...

Haha I was late getting into Barbies too! I remember being 10 and discussing Christmas presents with my friends and was SO proud to announce I'd gotten some Barbies finally...I was a proper girl! And they were just like errr, we got make up. I love espadrilles, I really do like the Celine ones. I'm so gutted I missed out on the black KOALA ones from Topshop, they were beauts! x

Josie’s Journal

Tola said...

Loeffler Randal have some fab leopard print esppadrilles, ive had my eye them for a bit too!

The Fashion Lift said...

I have a huge Chanel espadrille shaped hole in my wardrobe, but like you, if I had bought them two years ago I would have got lots of wear out if them but now I am not so sure....still I do love them!! Xx

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