[Trend] Bad Weather Busting Beachwear

This could possibly be the worst day to post this, as it's grey and gross outside.  But having just come back from holiday (more on that to come) I'm feeling pretty "ergh" about being back.  Earlier today on the way to the Whistles press day (their new menswear = amazing) I spied a few really cool swimwear pieces in the shops - thought I'd share with you to help whisk away the British "summer" blues... I'm going to Majorca with Ben in a month's time and decided to buy a new one for it - below is an edit of my favourites including the ones I wore in LA.

A special mention needs to go to Reiss for their swimwear effort this season: I love the Bardot black costume, and the palm print (print of the season, no?) bikini... The Triangl leopard print bikini is pretty unique - it's made of neoprene so holds everything in the right places and doesn't dig in.  I wore mine here on Instagram and although you have to be able to lay it flat when it dries (not easy when you're on an 11 hour plane journey straight after wearing it) I can't recommend the shape and fit enough. The white one is by a brand called Varley that launched last year. Olivia had one of their's from last season (wearing it here) which reminded me about them. Having checked out this season's offering my favourite is this white one... 

Gorgeous. Next up, Orlebar Brown - the mens' swimwear giants have launched into womenswear and this light blue baby will look amazing on tanned skin. Need. Ohh and also wanted to mention this gorgeous yellow one from And Other Stories, for some reason I couldn't get the image to download to include it... 

Last but by no means least, lets not forget the boys.  My friend Leo has launched Leo Joseph, a luxe mens swimwear brand. His swim shorts are a mix of South African inspired prints (we're talking elephants, rhinos and flamingos) combined with British tailoring - so they actually fit.  Ben has some as do lots of my friends and it's astounding the difference wearing them makes.  So, if (like most men) your other half gets a bit lost when it comes to choosing a pair, make his life easier and buy him some.  My favourites are below, but check out the whole range here.



NIKA said...

YEP!:) I'm as well such a girl - who loves SUMMER and SWIMWEAR could be on my daily wearin' list!:)

Have a gorgeous afternoon!
NIKA Bittner

Unknown said...

I love the Topshop bikini! Such a pretty print x

Anonymous said...

You know my favourite is the topshop ones - like the one here :)

N xxx

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