[Essentials] The Little White Dress Club

(David and) Victoria Beckham / Lily Donaldson

Last night I couldn't sleep so watched some of the Met Gala's finest arrive.  Firstly, how crazy is the concept of paying $25,000 for a ticket to a party? Unbelievable... Secondly, I loved all the white dresses - they really have overtaken the LBD in recent seasons.  They used to be total "no-gos" as we went through the tomboy fashion phase and girls only bought dresses for weddings (and you still just can't wear white to a wedding). I'm yet to own one, but have been cultivating all of my favourites into a Pinterest board for ages. As it's an essential in my book, I've looked at the designer pieces (and how to get them for cheaper) so I haven't compromised on fit or fabric...

You could argue that white is insanely hard colour to wear, which is what I originally thought. There is no doubting that if you have a very pale complexion that it isn't the easiest choice - but actually if you get the shape right then you end up "working" a different kind of gothic-ish look, which looks really cool.  I loved the Alexander Wang silhouettes from a few seasons ago (very similar to this Elizabeth and James one which is just perfect for £110) and now that floaty-boho is back too, white is back with a vengeance. 

Personally, the more simple the better (although this out right loud-and-luxe Temperley dress is on my forever-a-wish-list).  I love the clean lines of the Stella McCartney, Victoria Beckham and Elie Saab styles.  And I know I said I'd only invest rather than scrimp on something like this, but the Topshop dress I included is a real gem having seen it and tried it on in the flesh...  What do you think, are you an LBD gal or a LWD convert?!


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Unknown said...

I love the little white dress! Nice inspirations! a kiss


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