[Travel] Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire

A couple of weekends ago Ben and I were treated to a weekend at the Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire and a some escape from the big smoke couldn't have been better timed.  We've been passing like ships in the night and needed some quality time.  As the hotel is (super) dog friendly we leaped at the chance to get down there as Lopez was in need of some R&R too. We piled on to the train and after an easy peasy 40 mins journey (from Waterloo) and took a quick taxi over the hotel. As we pulled up to the front, I felt all three of us breathe in the relaxation - it was already bliss and we hadn't even walked in!

The hotel is a former country estate and has everything you'd expect from such a building, from fireplaces to grand artwork to ornate statues. That said (and most importantly) it felt relaxing and not the sort of "posh" where you're worried you might knock something over. Our room (the Oliver King Parlour Suite) despite it being super stately, instantly felt like home (especially for Lopez who was given his own bed, food and treats throughout the weekend).  The bathroom was bigger than my flat at home, not to mention the dressing room and living room / bedroom. And as for the bed... I later found they sell these in their in-hotel shop, and fully believe that they sell them in droves. The sheets, the pillows, the mattress. Just wow.

In the morning we forced ourselves from one of the comfiest nights sleeps ever known and made use of the buffet breakfast (the word "buffet" often gets "average" connotations, think again), then took Lopez for a run around the grounds who couldn't quite believe his luck with the freedom. It was so nice to just be able to relax and let him dart off without worry about his whereabouts - any dog owner would understand.

We spent the rest of the day going to the gym, spa-ing (more on that later) and reading the papers before I popped down to meet the lovely Francesca who runs marketing for the hotel. Over yummy scones we talked about the hotel's canal boat (!), soon-to-be-opening equestrian centre and also some new spa treatments that sounded pretty much divine.  That evening after leaving Lopez with his sitter,  we took a cab over to a nearby pub and inhaled some of the best food we've eaten in a long time in a lovely, cosy environment. On arriving back at the room, we found a huge pot of hot chocolate with all the trimmings waiting for us - and after guzzling the lot, we passed out asleep in the bed of all beds. The morning after we squeezed as much of the above in again as we could, Ben tried out a gym class while I headed to the spa before getting back to London.

Basically, if you're a Londoner like me this place is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle. I read a newspaper from front to back for the first time in months, and came back feeling like I'd been away for an age. Or if like several of the guests, you might be over from the USA and after a piece of true English countryside, this hotel will absolutely tick the box. From the vast estate to the (about to be reopened) equestrian centre, to the spa (so good I'll do a separate post on my experience), to clay pigeon shooting, to the afternoon teas... It has everything.

Rooms at the Four Seasons start from £285 per night, with an extra £35 cleaning charge for dogs (daily meals provided, treats and gourmet options come with their own room service menu!). I really cannot recommend it enough, already looking into going back down with the girls for a pampering weekend. Thank you so much to PRCO and Francesca at Four Seasons Hampshire for a wonderful stay!


Sarah said...

Anna this looks amazing! Definitely one to keep a note of next time I need to escape from London!

Emilyhearts said...

This looks gorgeous. Glad you had such a lovely time.
Emily xx

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