[Outfit] No Sleeves Allowed

First things first you might see a little bit of an upgrade of the photo-standard front in this post. I'm lucky enough to have Nancy working with me moving forward with my outfit posts, which I am really, really thrilled about. I do feel for her as I'm not exactly the most natural in front of the camera, and tend to either goof around or point blank refuse to cooperate. With that in mind, these photos are a ruddy miracle and I'm really, really pleased with them! The first shots we did together made full use of the early Sunday sunshine and is of  an outfit I've been wearing loads recently...

The sleeveless blazer is from Hobbs' new collection and I was thrilled when it was sent to me as I've been lusting after it ever since their press day (which feels like forever a go). I'm finding it an extremely easy way to spruce up an otherwise casual outfit which is exactly what I've done here, its a smart jacket but at the same time a bit cool and relaxed...  The chinos are yonks old from Gap and having rediscovered them after a wardrobe clear out I'm living in them again. I can't recommend the fit enough, I wear them for work, play and any other excuse I can find.

The top was one of my bargains from the sales after Christmas from Whistles, along with the shoes that I actually managed to order from South Africa from Kurt Geiger with a little help to their very good Twitter team.  I'd been after them for ages so was delighted with the 50% off... Ooh and the sunglasses I've had for a while and have blogged about before, they're from Jimmy Choo's collaboration with Carrera last year. I forget how bling they are, and so when people comment (happens a lot) it always takes me by surprise. All in all, I feel super comfortable in this outfit and sufficiently dressed up for work - and dressed down for play afterwards!



Anonymous said...

Easy to take beaut pictures when you have a beaut model :) N xxx

Wheelingalong said...

Wow, I love this outfit! You look so cool! I usually hate lepord print but this looks so amazing I may have to re-think that!


Olivia said...

Before I even read the post I thought how great the photos looked! Love seeing all the outfit details.
Olivia x

Anonymous said...

Those sunglasses have been on my wishlist for ages. They are lovely.


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