[Outfit] Getting Some Colour Back

As my post yesterday explained, Nancy and I spent a day last week getting our hair sorted out for Spring all thanks to Sassoon Salons. The sun was shining and so I decided to make the most of it and put on my favourite spring colours to show off my new locks.  I've had all of these pieces for a while, I bought the skirt from Zara about a year ago, having lusted after the Jil Sander paisley prints for weeks and weeks. It is an absolute dead ringer for this one, which if I had the money would buy without hesitation. But I'm completely happy with my Zara version, it's been worn hundreds of times...

The shirt is an old faithful which I bought 4 years ago from Topshop. I live in it, and my more oversize denim shirt.  I count owning one as a complete essential and pair them up with everything from my maxi skirts to my boyfriend jeans.  This style works really well for me as it's quite fitted without being too tight, and if you needed any other encouragement to buy it if anything shows that it is a wardrobe staple its that the same shirt is still on sale at Topshop here. For £34 you really can't go wrong.

The shoes and clutch are both from LK Bennett. If you've been reading the blog for a while you'll have seen the heels before as I live in them.  They're the Florete style and are probably the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn.  The heel is enough to be considered "making an effort" but low enough to wear all day (in fact they're the only shoes I can say I've done that in).  I've had these blues ones for a year and given my habit of destroying heels within days the fact they still look pretty much new is an enormous testament to them.

The clutch is actually a travel wallet which I've changed the use of. I was lucky enough to have been given it as part of an event last week at Duke of York Square.  No doubt I'll change it back to it's core purpose in a few weeks as I am heading over to sunny California to visit LA and Vegas (to say I'm excited just doesn't even begin to describe it) with some friends. I am delighted to have some sunkissed looking locks to some off whilst I'm there! Any way, this is how I'm intending to dress for the next few days = colourfully. How do you get yourself "spring ready" ?



Miss Twiggy said...


Jaela said...

Absolutely very pretty as well.


thankfifi said...

Love the new locks! And totally agree about the denim shirt being a staple - I have more than a couple and they all get their fair share of air time :)


Emilyhearts said...

Love the new hair. Colour looks lovely.
Also I have been looking for a denim shirt for a few weeks now. I so need to get this one now. :-)
Have fun on your trip too.


Harriet said...

Love the print of the skirt! Great outfit! Harry x

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