[Beauty] Spring Hair Spruce Up with Sassoon Salons

I've been going to see Sassoon Salons for nearly two years now, and I can't tell you what its done for my hair. Before going I had yellow-blonde highlights that I'd get done every few months and didn't have a regular salons, I just shopped around for the cheapest deal close to me. I've never really given Sassoon the credit they deserve on the blog so thought I'd take some pics (read: drag Nancy along to take some pics) of me getting a bit of a spring refresh to my hair - also partly in celebration that my favourite colour-expert Abi is back at their South Molton Street Salon having come back from travelling around Oz.

What I love most about going is that Sassoon (or least, Abi) doesn't waste time in telling you what your hair needs. I hadn't been since November (eeek) and in that time my hair had been through a sun holiday, extreme cold and my general negligence.  On top of that, my colour had got a little built up over time, my ends were brittle and my roots were a mess.  Abi spotted the lot instantly (there really is no hiding from her) and told me off for not being better to my hair.  We chose some colour to help lift my hair a little and Abi picked out the right enriching treatment.

Then came the meticulous process of putting in the colour. For hair length like mine it takes around 1.5 hours so thankfully I had Nancy and a stack of magazines for company.  I find the whole process really therapeutic, I know I'm going to look so much better for it.  Having had my hair washed and treated (the salon swear by Kerastase treatments and having benefitted from the results, so do I) it was time for a cut. I let the girls decide how much to cut it by based purely on the hair's condition, so had around 2 inches taken off.

After a blowdry, I was ready to go - Nancy and I head out into the sunshine to take some piccies - check back tomorrow for an outfit post showing off the results!  I really can't recommend Sassoon enough, I never imagined anyone would motivate me to manage my hair in the way they do but every time I visit I get a new lease of life around hair maintenance. If you're in the London area I really recommend visiting the guys on South Molton Street - failing that they have salons across the UK, the US and Germany.


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