[Beauty] Spathrooming with The Sanctuary

Last week I spent an evening looking after me, all thanks to The Sanctuary. Sadly, their spas are closing down this May but they have decided to take a new tangent with the brand and launched their "spathrooming" concept... Thats creating a spa at home to you and me.  I was lucky enough to be sent a range of their products and tested them all out one by one (and in truth have been using most of them everyday since).

So, we've got a fair few to get through so I thought I'd pick out my favourites as there really are some amazing products in this bunch.  Firstly, the Warming Sugar Polish.  This has actually been part of The Sanctuary's range for a few years and is an old, trusty favourite of mine.  It buffs, shines and softens the skin - it's perfect for this time of year when you need to get the legs out from hibernation. For £8 it's remarkably cheap. The results are instant and your skin stays soft throughout the day from it.

Two new excellent finds for me were Cleanse and Nourish Dual Oil set. Just use one pump from the Cleansing Oil onto dry skin as you get into the shower, and let it wash off - doesn't hurt the eyes at all.  When you get out, use the facial oil (again a teeny drop) when you're skin is still a little wet. It helps that it smells divine too. This is a little more expensive at £25 for the two, but I can't tell you more much softer and brighter my skin feels after using these two little gems. I've got mine on the shelf by the shower now so I don't forget - and I've even got the boyfriend using them. They're so good.

Whilst the shower cremes, body creams and bath soaks are very good, the final show stopper for me has genuinely brought me joy.  The Peptide Eye Repair Cream has single handily got rid of my dark circles, and that is some quest. I've been using it for 10 days now, and the skin around my eyes is tighter, lighter and generally just a bit happier. I've noticed a couple of fine lines look even finer too.

You can buy these products directly from The Sanctuary site, or they will continue to be stocked at Boots and other good pharmacists. I'm so pleased that the brand's new direction is such a good one - and wholeheartedly recommend making a purchase...

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Unknown said...

Ah, that Warming Sugar Polish has been a favourite of mine for years! Sad to hear about the spas closing, but gotta love an at-home spa concept ... :)

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