[Travel] SuperTrash AW14 with IPR & Friends

The last couple of weekends have been action packed so apologies for the delay with the blog posts. I've just come back from a trip to the countryside for Lucy's birthday with some friends, which means my usual 'Sunday blogging time' was replaced with cake, carbs and general calories. So, there has been a little delay on me blogging about an equally fun trip with Marie, Naomi and Tamara to see SuperTrash's AW14 collection in Amsterdam as part of the city's very own fashion week.

Tamara and Naomi doing what bloggers do best / The beautiful city itself

You'd be excused for not knowing of SuperTrash - but not for long. I've been wearing their things for a year or so, but as they only have one store on South Molton Street (wahey) at the moment they pass as an "insiders secret" in the UK. Over in Amsterdam it's an entirely different story. As we wondered around the city en route to visiting the flagship store I spotted at least 5 other outlets in our part of town - and we didn't have time to venture far!

After a quick change at our hotel (The Andaz, more to come on that as it was so good it deserves its own post) and a yummy dinner we were whisked off to the main event.  SuperTrash had taken over a converted factory building on the outside of the city, and to say it was impressive was an understatement. There were hundreds of people there: other bloggers, press, buyers, retailers... and we were front row which was super, super cool.

The runway collection itself was an eclectic mix of teddy fur (yesssssss), cute Chanel-like hats, essential coats and tops, with a little bit of European evening glam thrown in for good measure. I loved it even more than I expected to - mainly because you won't need loads of it (budget busting) to get the look. They hadn't deviated too much from their classic "street style cool" either, I got hold of these biker boots and this awesome cropped jumper when I was in the store, both of which look to be carrying over to next season.

After the show finished, we bloggers did what we know best and made full use of the free bar. The following morning was a wee bit of a struggle. We happily gobbled down the amazing breakfast at The Andaz and lazed about drinking the best hot chocolates all morning before heading home. We also met some new blogger friends, Chloe and Amandine who were visiting from The Netherlands and Germany respectively. It really was a lovely "warm and fuzzy bloggers are so nice" Sunday...

Chloe / Jamaique from IPR / Tamara / me (who despite this photo, was actually invited to this event and not photobombing) / Marie / Amandine

Ooh and excuse the blurry photography - being the total novice I am (3 years in) I'm yet to invest in an SLR. For no doubt better quality images of the shoot - check out Tamara, Marie and Naomi's blogs. Thank you so much SuperTrash and the (always) awesome IPR - a great weekend was had!  And in case you've never bought from ST before, here are my favourite "starter" purchases from their current season:



Unknown said...

Hi lovely, it was so nice to meet you in The Andaz.. Hope to see you soon! XXX

Unknown said...

I actually just fell in love. SuperTrash are AMAZING. I am going to stalk their site now.

Sarah Betty xx

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