[Outfit] Pre Spring Pastels

I've been beating my winter weather blues by booking holidays for this year and clearing out my winter wardrobe ready for spring. I've been ruthless, I'm even selling a Mulberry Roxanne I love more than words. I just feel it's time for a change... I've also been carefully picking out bits for the new season, perhaps somewhat prematurely but I can't tell you how nice it was to try new bits on for this post - no matter how freezing cold I was taking these photos!

I bought the skirt a few weeks ago from ASOS, I fell in love with the unusual print. It now comes in black too, which adds a little gothic-something to it.  I've been wearing it quite a bit with my Topshop chambray shirt and cropped Reiss jumper (which is now half the price I paid for it, grrrr) with ankle boots, so it's actually working as a sensible February purchase more than I could have hoped for! That said, after about a minute I was too cold to take any more and came straight back inside to the warmth!

The halter neck is literally my new favourite thing ever. As soon as I saw this on the Whistles lookbook I fell in love with it and gave out a wail of excitement when it arrived on my desk. I've now bought it in both colours - cream and pink. Ok is £95 for a top but it's so unusual and I love it, and the super soft woolly fabric feels amazing on.  Plus, I suspect if I waited for summer it would have completely sold out as there are very few left online now any way. I cannot wait to wear this with some denim shorts after a day on the beach. I also spotted someone in a street style picture at LFW wearing something similar on top of a white shirt - haven't tried it yet but will let you know how it looks on a real person.

The shoes are my old faithful Jimmy Choos, worn them to death. It's difficult for me to find comfortable heels what with being a size 3, as I'm still a very normal weight so my poor feet have to balance a lot of weight into not a lot of surface area on the ground. They are called the "Abel" and are the only pair of stilettos I've found that I can run (slight exaggeration) about in all day.  Fully recommend. Now all we need is some decent weather, so I can do more than prance around my kitchen dressed like this!


Olivia said...

I've already booked holidays in Morocco and Canada to beat the blues too, so I'm doing exactly the same thing with my wardrobe! I'm storing away all the things I'm buying for spring/summer but so desperate to wear them all now!! It's definitely sensible to buy now - I always find I have nothing to wear and there's nothing in the shops by the time it's actually warm.
(Also trying not to buy any more winterish things, but your post on winter white coats has made me hanker after one more coat!) Olivia X

Miss Twiggy said...

I love that amazing lace skirt... very sophisticated and shabby chic ;D

thankfifi said...

both gorgeous pieces - bring on the sun!


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