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So hopefully you found my coats edit useful, I used it to help me decided to part with quite a few - I sold a couple, gave a couple to friends and took the rest for their seasonal clean at the dry cleaners.  Next up, jeans.  Not sure about you but I seem to accumulate tonnes of them. I'm lucky enough to be able to wear these to work, and I wear them most days (I'm actually trying to get myself out of them a bit, but am yet to find the perfect pair of capri pants - another story). 

I am 5 foot 3 (and half an inch, thats important) so high waisted is totally out for me (the higher the waist, the shorter your torso looks = the smaller you look) so I have spent the last year or so hunting down the perfect pair of blue, black + grey jeans. I have chosen the slim/skinny fit style as they go with every type of shoe; boots, heels etc. I also discovered boyfriend jeans were possible for my height, and have added them to my "essentials" list too. I have learnt to invest in denim, and it's the best upgrade I've made to my wardrobe. It doesn't have to be so pricey, check out discount sites like The OutNet for bargains...

Black Slim Jeans - These are without a doubt, a must have. For a start if you get a good enough pair then they will hold their shape and be smart enough for more formal things, yet also are a fail safe for casual outfits (and smarter than blues + greys). I spent ages finding a pair and finally spotted AG Jeans "legging fit." They're perfect, they fit just on the hip (little tip I picked up from Donna Ida this year) which is the most flattering place. They don't dig in and they don't stretch after washing. They really are like wearing jersey leggings. Yes, they're £165 but for the amount I've worn them they're an absolute bargain. I also always make sure they stay black as night, I re-colour mine in the washing machine with a Dylon tablet every 6 months, you can pick them up here.

Blue Slim Jeans - An unquestionable essential, I've been wearing this style since I've been choosing my own clothes! At first I lived in Topshop's Baxter jean (a great starting point) but as great as they are I got tired of the zip opening always showing and them wearing thin quickly. So, I decided to invest and finally found Paige denim. I'd heard of them before, but tis pair are now my everyday-go-to. I wear them with... everything. I don't think there is a top or shoe in my wardrobe that hasn't been paired with them. 

from my boyfriend jeans board / from my outfit post here

Grey Slim Jeans - Only last year did I decide that everyone really needs a pair of these. They're smarter than blue, more casual than black - and they're just a little bit different. I was given a pair of A.N.D's Flynn jeans and have been living in them. They hold their shape, and looks as good with my utility jackets, biker boots and sweats as they do with heels and a top for evening. I always get asked about them, and they're so soft you'd think they were made from satin.

Boyfriend Fit Jeans - Ok, so at first I thought I'd never find a pair that didn't make me look enormous (and short). Then a friend recommended the ASOS Saxbys and it all changed. For a start, they were £10 (they still are, here) and so the perfect way to give the look a go. Now I live in the style, later picking up a pair of Paige boyfriends as an upgrade. I wear mine with my Converse and sweaters at the weekends, and shirts and heels to work. Overall, a total winner and decidedly cooler than slimmer styles.

You could also put white jeans into this category, but I've decided to leave them out mainly as I'm yet to find the best pair.  Also they're less essential purely as they're less practical, but that said I think a pair of good white jeans and a denim shirt look awesome in summer with a tan... So, there is my list. I've chucked out my cheap pairs (except the ASOS boyfriends, which are my absolute favourite AND TEN POUNDS) and the coloured, patterned and generally "out there" trend pieces. What do you think?


Fashion Follows Her said...

Jeans are so tricky... I have a whole shelve full but honestly I can't say any of them are perfect.

Catherine said...

Love this post, so easy to fill your wardrobe up with cheap pairs that don't last rather than investing in decent denim. Also still searching for the perfect capri/cigarette pant...let me know if you strike gold!

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