[Craving] Hobbs SS14 Collection

I have decided this year to get a bit better with my workwear. As lovely as it sounds being able to wear jeans and stuff to work, after a few years it does mean you end up with an overly casual wardrobe and I wanted to find some pieces that spruced my style up a bit (ie: took me out of the bretons and boyfriends once in a while) - and that I'd get a lot of wear out of. So when Hobbs asked me to pick an edit from their new SS14 collection, it was with this theme in mind...

I really love my stuff from Hobbs, mainly because when I wear them I get asked where they are from and people just don't believe me. My New Years Eve dress was one of their's (here) and everyone thought it was Valentino, but NO. There is (incorrect) perception that Hobbs is somehow stuffy and meant for the "less fashion, more comfortable" lady, so I'm very pleased to show otherwise...

My edit was easy... I picked three shirts straight away as I loved the detailing on each of the collars, and as they start at £69 they are far more reasonably priced than others in the market (J Crew, I'm looking at you - sorry). The sleeveless Sasha Jacket is also straight on the "I might die if I don't own it" list. I'd wear it with simple long sleeved high neck tops and jeans and heels.

The cobalt blue corset and the black jumpsuit are brilliant for sprucing up my weekend outfits, and really don't need much else other than my basics to go with them. I'm so glad that cobalt is hanging on for SS14 too with Hobbs, most brands have cut it out and it's my favourite colour. 

And last but really, really not least is their footwear - which was a discovery for me last season when I bought a pair of brogues - here are this season's update on them. I can't wait for spring so these Selma Sandals can get an airing - and for £129 they are about £500 cheaper than the Mulberry, Celine and Comme des Garcons similars. 

*This post is written in collaboration with Hobbs. All picks and opinions are my own


Unknown said...

I love the cobalt blue scalloped top - really pretty

EnBrogue said...

Selma sandals are on my wish list too!

the style crusader said...

Totally with you on having a super casual wardrobe. Have never really thought of shopping in Hobbs as it seems quite traditional and tailored... which normally wouldn't be my thing. Definitely agree though that they are perfect for smartening up a look. xx

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