[Advent] My beauty finds for 2013...

Apologies for the gap in the advent calender yesterday, yesterday was manic! As I've said a lot this year, I'm fundamentally incredibly lazy when it comes to beauty. In fact, my regime basically consisted of a face wipe and some concealer until I came across Birchbox in the Spring.  Their strapline is 'discover your next everything' and that honestly couldn't be truer for me...

I'm 29, and I'm getting the fine lines and grey patches under my eyes and my skin just generally needs work. I can't get away with not moisturising and I also need to some help keeping things in the right place. Oh and if I don't use some kind of skin-colour-enhancer I resemble a member of the cast of Twilight in a matter of hours... So, here are the things I discovered (through getting them in my boxes) this year:

1. ModelCo BB Cream. As I said, my face needs help these days. This stuff basically helps you not look haggered/hungover when you need it most. I'm addicted.
2. Weleda Skin Food. This is a dream for dry skin. A DREAM. As in, put it on once and you have soft skin for a week.
3. Yes To Cucumbers, Cleanser - It's well known that cucumbers have God-like qualities for skin, but if you're looking for an instant face-detox, make this your friend. The only cleanser I've found that doesn't dry out my skin terribly...
4. Laura Mercier Bath Soak - This stuff is the perfect end to 'one of those days.' Plus the honey-stick like thing you use to put it into the bath is really cool... Oh and your skin feels like silk and you smell amazing. Need I say more?
5. ModelCo Mascara - The only mascara I've found that doesn't go clumpy by about 4pm and keeps my annoyingly flat lashes really rather curly.
6. RMK Lipsticks - I never wore lipsticks but ever since get one in a box over the summer I'm hooked. These ones are super soft and this is my favourite shade
7. Green and Spring Exfoliator - If there is one major lesson learned this year it's the power of exfoliating your skin regularly (3 times a week for me). I put this stuff down to firmer, less wobbly and brighter skin.

If you've got an awkward secret Santa to buy for, or want something for your Mum (when, if like mine, she has everything already) that's not going to break the bank, Birchbox could just save your day. Here's an example of what I got in the November box, and they're doing something fancy. Click here to see subscription details.

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