[Trend] Fishermans Knit Jumpers

Alexa Chung / Hanneli Mustaparta

With all things heritage being so popular at the moment it's no surprise that old school knits are having a bit of a come back. Call them whatever you like (cable knits, fishermans knits, school knits - I've got another Pinterest board dedicated to the cause), I'm talking about the super thick, heavy, knotted jumpers.  I'm not sure about you but when the weather is as cold and grey as it is at the moment I only want to wear big comfy clothes...

You can make them a little more work acceptable or 'fashion' just by pairing them with tailored trousers (these peg leg ones are on my wishlist) or a midi skirt with courts (as Alexa Chung & co have done in the photo).  They also look fab with all things leather, I'm a little bit obsessed with fellow blogger Victoria's take on the trend with her leather mini (shop similar here). I really love the whole look, it's casual-luxe at it's very best.

Here is how I would style mine, using the Whistles cable knit as an example. It's the perfect workwear item if you can get away with it. For any more styling tips have a look how Zara have merchandised theirs...

Or you can go the totally other way and embrace all things winter and partner the knit with equally cuddly clothes. I love the photo below of the girl mixing hers with a beanie and utility jacket.  Overall, I'm really loving this whole look and need to get my hands on one ASAP. I had an old one as a child that I bought in Scotland on holiday, I may try and dig it out. Failing that, it's the Whistles one for me. Zara have some amazing ones too for all shapes - polo necked, long, short and fully cropped. Here is my favourite



Amelia said...

I love these types of jumpers. I've got an old white one from Gap which after reading this I'm going to rescue from home. It's so cuddly and sloppy but unbelievably cosy. I like the matching of it with the black trousers and loafers to make it a bit smarter, I hadn't thought of that. I generally look like a big scruff, so the more smart ideas the better!
Great blog as always anna! Amelia xx

Unknown said...

These jumpers look so cuddly! I love the look of them with tailored skirts.


the style crusader said...

Totally with you on this one.

I bought one of these jumpers a few years ago from the men's section at J.Crew. Totally love it but recently realized it has a nasty stain on the front. Need to sort that out before I start wearing it again! Thanks for the reminder! xx

Fashion Follows Her said...

I love the cute little cropped one, warm and stylish!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the tips on how to style them. I'm always scared I'll look a bit frumpy but I love how Alexa Chung's styled hers :)

Rachel [at] AMomentInTime.


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