[Craving] 30 is the number with Whistles

Next month is my birthday and starts the last year of my twenties, I'd be lying if I said I was happy about it. I've been looking at the positives of it all (while planning my birthday list...) and found quite a few. My twenties were a rush of ups and downs but things these days are much calmer. Twenty (or even twenty five) year old me wouldn't have started a blog, dressed the way I dress now, enjoyed the things I enjoy now or worked as hard as I do now (or nursed the hangovers she has to now)... But on top of all of that, she definitely wouldn't have the eye to shop the way I do now. When the Whistles mid season sale email arrived in my inbox, the first thing I did was hit the price range '30 or under' following the theme of my thoughts this week.... 

And sure enough the best of the bunch is there... There is the denim bomber I'd been lusting after ever since it first arrived in stores at £110 - it's now £30 (and the matching trousers, which are gorgeous are £50). The chartreuse/yellow Libbi sweater I'd been hankering after is also £30... And the faux leather brown sleeveless top is £45 (ok so not 30, but too good to miss).

Whistles shoes are my favourite, I have 3 pairs now and wear them constantly. They're my go-to heel as they're actually easy to walk in and don't hurt my sensitive feet. These Grappelini heels are now £30, I really do suggest you get them. Furthermore the Lula tailored jacket is now £30, and if you guys watched the LFW runways at all you'll know the mix of tailoring and soft pinks were rife - so this is a bargain. The Woodgrain long sleeve silk top that got covered so much in the press is also £30

So in conclusion, some of the best things really are 30. If thats not a sign, I don't know what is... :)


Bex said...

OMG such a bargain, I've been waiting for a day like this for MONTHS x

Kate said...

I love that yellow jumper I wanted to try out the colour but it was too expensive at full price, I hope the Cheltenham store still has it at the weekend!

Unknown said...

Very true! I've celebrated my 30th birthday two weeks ago and I loved it. My twenties seemed chaotic while turning 30, I feel more serene and mature. 30 is definitely THE number! xx

Unknown said...

Of my monthly shopping budget (I have to set myself one otherwise I'd be so poor) I only have £30 left this month so this post is just perfect, Thanks!

Unknown said...

I turn 29 next month, too!!! When is your birthday, and why am I not surprised we share so many wishlist items?! ;) XOXO

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