[Beauty] My beauty regime, 1 month in

Last month I mentioned that I was giving beauty a go following a bit of a wake up call due to a few grey hairs and some wrinkles appearing. I've always been incredibly laid back about my skin and hair, opting to buy whatever shampoos were on offer, and using basic face wipes and washes for my face. Even make up wise, I essentially use concealer and mascara, and never before understood the obsession with beauty regimes. Well, times are a changing...

my very own tailored Birchbox as part of their #BBXBESPOKE campaign

However, the blog has opened up a whole new channel of interest for me thanks to Sassoon Salons and Birchbox. I've been getting my hair done with Sassoon for almost a year now, and even my nonchalant, lazy self has to admit that the change has been pretty remarkable. My former yellow blonde hair is now a distinctly more appealing hazel/caramel, it's stronger and bouncier and easier to manage.  Matt at the Kings Road salon is the only person who can get me out of bed at 8.30 on a Saturday morning - the guy is a magician...

my hair care products (and our toothbrushes, sorry) : leave in conditioner, illuminating shampoo and conditioner, diamond serum protection, shine spray, motion hold hair spray

I use their illuminating shampoo and conditioner every other day, and have a deep clean every two weeks with their stronger conditioner.  I also use their diamond serum, which gets rid of all of those stray hairs and helps protect your hair from heat (amazing for anyone with baby hair at the front like me) and their hair spray really shows up anything you can buy in Boots or a day to day chemist.  Albeit a lot more expensive, these products are things I will never, ever scrimp on again.

Here are some products I've stumbled on over the last month. Starting with Weleda Skin Food, which is exactly that. For anyone who has those rough bits on the elbows, knees, ankles we don't like to talk about, this is for you - it's genius. I also use it on my cuticles and anywhere that needs a bit of life put into it. It's less than a tenner, buy it. The Garnier roller ball is something I've used for 5 years; it's my concealer and is the only thing I find that keeps my dark circles away. Again, it's cheap so give it a go. 

The Nip + Fab face wipes appeal to my former lazy self as they are so easy to use, my morbid fascination into the colour of the pad post face-wiping. Gross but some how satisfying. I now use a face moisturiser which I was nervous about as I have quite greasy skin at times, but this Natio one is light and I saw a change in my skin in about 4 days: tighter, brighter and all round better. 

Last month's Birchbox (the cereal bar was ridiculously yummy)

Now on to the body stuff... I really have never used much in my life bar fake tan and exfoliator to remove the orange blips, so this was a venture into the unknown. When my Dead Sea Spa Magik scrub arrived, I honestly thought I'd use it once and forget about it. BUT NO. The concept is a bit odd, you get into the shower and scrub yourself with it before you turn the water on. But when you get out, you feel amazing. I do it twice a week, and follow it up with lathering on Vita Bella cream - an anti cellulite lotion which really does firm you up. I've had slight dimples on the tops of my thighs for years and they've noticably reduced, if not disappeared in places (I've been using it for 4 weeks). NB It does feel like jelly, which is odd for the first time...

So all in all, Birchbox really has made me 'discover my next everything' - and if you fancy giving it a go, tweet to @birchboxuk and #BBxBespoke and you can win a 6 month subscription!

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Unknown said...

Thank you for introducing me to Birchbox a few months back.

I too only have a few years of my twenties left and have managed with Simple skin care products and offer haircare products for years. After trying out the Birchbox samples it has completely changed my skin and hair care routines and I will now never go back. Thanks!

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