[Trend] Victoria Beckham's AW13 Collection

Victoria Beckham AW13

Victoria Beckham AW13

I'm not sure about you, but when Victoria Beckham announced a move into fashion I was distinctly dubious.  If anyone else can remember the days of blonde spiky hair, latex pencil skirts and neon/fluoro camisoles then I hope you'll agree. Her first venture into denim didn't exactly excel (with that lovely embossed crown on the bum) despite the fact they apparently fitted incredibly well.  So her debut fashion collection back in 2008 walked the runway surrounded by sceptical industry peeps... Who weeks later were found pouring themselves into the very same pieces!

Victoria's collection embrace all things curve, something you'd never have thought from someone of her shape.  She (and it really is her, her head office is at the end of my road and her team praise her in the pub at the weekend) understand what bits a woman wants to hide and which bits she wants to flaunt.  She gets colour, texture and fit to a level you'd assume she'd been professionally schooled.  Her new AW14 collection is by no means an exception - Mrs B has stepped it up a notch with the addition of some sleek tailoring without losing her trademark silhouette.

It's rare that I really go to lengths on one brand, but I was out shopping for a shoot with a colleague this week and couldn't get over how good her stuff was - expensive but hunt around and quite a few boutiques (and The Outnet here) are selling pieces marked down. I've popped my favourite pieces in the above edit and included a few other bits from elsewhere on the high street I think emulate her collection.

Firstly the Topshop waistcoat, I'm definitely buying this. I've seen it up close and it's long enough for you to wear as a dress so if you find a sleeveless shirt you can totally get the look of the VB one. The Reiss dress gets it too with the texture mix up and the close-to-body fit. The camel hues and sleek two tone style of this new season Whistles clutch has definitely captured the idea, and as spotted by Alex this Zara tote is the perfect example of how easy it is to get the designer's look on the high street. On the subject of simplicity, silk camis will always make me think of Mrs B and Equipment's new venture into tanks has created a beautiful one for £110 over at Net A Porter.

Topshop has delivered well too, with this top and this gorgeous Fedora which 50% of the models donned in her soiree presentation open only to fashion royalty. The Sea NY top from my-wardrobe is absolutely beautiful and perfectly captures Beckham's tartan and textbook white collars.  For £270 it's an absolute bargain. 

Finally, this Zara tee definitely sought inspiration from VB with it's blue fur front and oversize structure - so close you'd think they'd been hiding out in the Beckham showroom. Naughty, naughty.


Sarah said...

That Topshop silk tee is beautiful!

Sita, London said...

Did you see this from Hobbs??

It's the dupe of the Victoria Beckham outfit on the bottom left :-)

Cylia said...

love these runway pieces :)

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