[Outfit] My very own Jaeger Bomb

Jaeger Bomber Jacket, £50 (similar here) / Uniqlo T Shirt, £8 / Paige Zoe Jean, £200 / Whistles Pernelle heels, £60

My boyfriend told me I wasn't allowed to call this post anything to do with a pun on 'Jaeger bomb,' but as usual my stubbornness took over!  Well, if you buy a bomber jacket from a company called Jaeger then quite frankly, it's asking for a bit of wit.  I bought it spontaneously last month and finally - with this weird its-not-that-cold-but-youll-freeze-without-a-coat weather in full swing - it's been perfect time to start wearing it.

Jaeger Bomber Jacket, £50 (similar here) / Uniqlo T Shirt, £8 / Paige Zoe Jean, £200 / Whistles Pernelle heels, £60

Because I am using a poor camera (sorry), you can't really see the fabric but it's effectively lacquered twill. It's very unusual, and hasn't gone unnoticed every time I've worn it. Better still, it was reduced from £250 to £49. I'm really loving Jaeger at the moment, and craving this dress so badly it almost hurts (and it's now in the sale, just to make matters even worse).

 Jaeger Bomber Jacket, £50 (similar here) / Uniqlo T Shirt, £8 / Paige Zoe Jean, £200 / Whistles Pernelle heels, £60

The jeans are now old favourites. Before my blog, I bought jeans in whatever store I felt brave enough to try them on in.  Namely Gap and other 'generously' sized shops.  When IPR introduced me to Paige I was dubious, just how good can a pair of £200 jeans really be? The answer is, awesome. For a start, they fit. And by fit I don't mean I fit in them, I mean they fit me. They don't lose their shape, they're soft as silk. I'm one million percent converted, and firmly recommend you get a pair. Click here to see their range at Matches, mine are the Zoes.

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Cube and Gold said...

Oh wow, that dress is absolutely stunning!! I definitely would have given into the temptation by now if I were you! Ali xxx

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