[Outfit] The best of Marks and Spencer's AW13

It's autumn time, meaning it's my annual clear out. Working at Vestiaire makes you clinical about what you keep and what you pass on. I've become somewhat of an expert, if you don't mind me saying so.  Each season I aim to refine and update what I already own.  Gradually, I'm seeding out the nylon and the man made fabrics and replacing them with quality stuff. Two things I've wanted for a long time (and not to be scrimped on) are a good camel coat, and a pair of leather trousers.

Both items have Pinterest boards on my account entirely dedicated to them (here and here), and I was anticipating eventually spending a lot of money on the right ones.  Helmut Lang, Acne, Carven... but... Marks and Spencer came along. Yup, M&S. The place your gran gets her tights from (and you do too, admit it).  It's not only the place to buy a pink coat this season, the general AW13 collection is damn good (check out the look book here). So, without much persuasion I got hold of both pieces for under £200.

This meant by my current shopping logic (earn back what you spend) I needed to part with £200 worth of clothing. So, I sold an old pair of Isabel Marant heels and a Stella McCartney dress on Vestiaire, put my high street stuff onto eBay and donated the bits that didn't sell (or quite make the grade) to Marks' Shwop scheme - they pass them on to Oxfam and you get a £5 voucher as a thank you. So basically, my two new investment pieces didn't cost me a thing. Result.

The leather trousers are genius, soft leather (and I mean soft) on one side and jersey on the other. I was worried I wasn't quite the right shape (read: too large) for them but I surprisingly feel really comfortable in them... So all in all, I've sorted out my wardrobe, made a couple of quid, donated to charity and got two new amazing investment bits.  Hows that for a job well done?!

Off to Grenada today for my friend Steph's 30th - lovely excuse for some sunshine. Have a great weekend peeps! 



Unknown said...

You look great. I would never have expected those to come from M&S! Wow!

Claire said...

Brilliant way to cover your costs! Yay net zero shopping.

Unknown said...

Lovely outfit, marks does surprise me sometimes. I've seen a lovely bag but costs like £90 :-o

Anonymous said...

Love your coat, it really suits you!

Anonymous said...

Leather pants = win. ;)

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