[Craving] White Hot Pencil Skirts

At the weekend I went over to Westfield Stratford's Malibutique event for some much needed TLC.  ASOS were there and were debuting their new collection. For me, there was one stand out piece, a white pencil skirt. Simple, chic and (most importantly) a brilliant £40. It got me thinking, how would I wear this?

White is tricky - basically I'll get coffee over anything within 5 minutes, but for something like this I think it's totally worth it.  Pencil skirts are a new thing for me, I'd ruled myself out of the whole look as I assumed it was only meant for my leaner, taller friends. But no, my 5 foot 4 curvy self bought a gorgeous one from Zara a few months ago (on my Instagram here) and I've been hooked ever since.

I browsed around Pinterest for some inspiration and well and truly got it.  The secret seems to be wearing something oversize on top to balance yourself out.  I love DKNY's take on the piece too, pairing it with a denim shirt (here). I've found a few on the market, here is my little edit (particularly love the River Island and Topshop one's with the mesh):



Unknown said...

White always looks so chic! I'm short too and would have been wary about pulling off a pencil skirt before ... maybe I'll have to give it a go now though!

i Am Into This said...

I love this look - so fresh and chic and just oozes causal glamour! Will definitely be giving a white pencil a whirl.

Jojo said...

Ah I'm so scared of wearing white. I am one of the clumsiest people ever and it'd be dirty before I even left the house. I too am curvy and can't imagine wearing something so fitted on my bottom half without wearing something massively oversized on top. Jojo x

Mummy, Wife and Chaos said...

love them but think my 3 kids would destroy one!!

Unknown said...

I'm only 5' 3" and pencil skirts are a staple for me. I find they elongate my figure. Never had one in white, though. I've done pretty well keeping my white jeans clean, so I will have to check out some white skirts!

Best, Anne |

Eva Sirgi said...

I also wrote an article on pencil skirts and how I love them but I never thought about white pencil skirts ... and well, they are pretty gorgeous too !!


TheFashionVisuals said...

We love all things white, it's just a nightmare to keep clean! Very chic though, as long as you're not clumsy :) x

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