[Trend] Topshop Takes On Kenzo's Spots

Kenzo SS13

I may be about 4 seasons late, but I'm all about Kenzo at the moment.  I've just bought a tiger tee in cobalt blue from work and literally cannot wait for it to arrive. My friend in the office has this green and pink floral sweater and I've been pining after the matching trousers which are (but given as though we already have about 100 things in common I think dressing in such a bold print might be a bit much, no?). I've been keeping an eye out for pieces in the blue/yellow print as they pass by my desk, but so far the only thing is this jacket which is a little too big.

Kenzo SS13

But (as I blog from the airport gate, we are delayed by 2 hours - FUN) I just stumbled upon this option from Topshop. Delighted - so similar to the vest in the top picture.  Camis seem to be making a bit of a come back (anyone else try this in the 90s, or am I a geriatric blogger?) - they cause bra nightmares (obviously has to be strapless, and all these low-back styles mean anyone with a bust needs to don reinforcement rather than underwear) but when you find one that works it looks awesome.  Possibly the easiest thing in the world to wear - put on some jeans and heels (craving these ones at the moment, Sam Edelman how you slay me) and you're all set. For £25, it's a bargain.

I'm on the fence about how similar the high street should be allowed to be to the runway collections - having read Grace Coddington's book over my holiday I kind of feel that the entire concept of designer fashion has changed... Essentially, fashion weeks now act as 'trend alerts' for the high street to duplicate - fashion has to be fast and accesible and the only way to do that is through the main stream stores... It's a tricky one, and I don't like it when you get blatant rip offs - but something with 'a gentle nod' to a runway piece should be considered a compliment, right?


Unknown said...

I absolutely love this print - the cobalt blue and yellow sit so beautifully together. I recently bought the skater dress with ladder back from Topshop in the same print. It is gorgeous and I would definitely recommend if you are a fan of the cami! Link: http://www.topshop.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?beginIndex=0&viewAllFlag=&catalogId=33057&storeId=12556&productId=9875479&langId=-1&categoryId=&searchTerm=animal%20print%20ladder&pageSize=200

Sarah X


Bea said...

Your end paragraph... totally agree! x

Style Is said...

Must be very difficult to stop the high street from copying general designer looks after all a design could not really claim to have invented leopard print or anything like that. That would really limit the high street to making nothing. If an exact copy is made, that would be wrong though.

I definitely love camisoles, thanks for reminding me.

Josie said...

I don't like when there are blatant copies of runway looks but I think one of the high street's strengths is how they interpret trends. For example, even if I could afford one of these head to toe Kenzo looks it'd be a bit much for every day life so a subtle nod to the trend like this Topshop cami is perfect! xxx

Sipie said...

Absolutely love your blog! I'm also always on the hunt for cheaper designer 'knock-offs' & it's kinda become a sport haha ;) Followed you on Bloglovin', keep up the good work!

Love from Amsterdam,

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