[Outfit] Marrakech Weekend Part 2

Continuing the holiday wear theme, here's something else I wore over my Marrakech trip (which although was only a week ago it feels like an eternity after a busy few days).  I took these at our hotel (the Pullman just outside Marrakech) just before we headed into town again - and was joined by a cat we named Shisha, in case you were interested...

The shorts are from the Gap outlet I visited with Dearne when we went to the McArthurGlen centre in Ashford - a bargain £10 and a hell of a lot cheaper than the Tory Burch ones I'd been pining for... The vest is from And Other Stories (sorry, know I'm talking about them a lot but they are that good).

The shoes are my trust Charles Philip, and I absolutely love them. Its so nice to see a little brand do well - I spotted these guys about 18 months ago and they seem to be flying off the virtual shelves at Net A Porter now (shop their collection here).  They are more pricey than the average loafer, but trust me when I say they are worth it for durability and comfort, 100%.

Last but not least, my bag.  Just before I left the lovely Hemmingford Grey got in touch and asked if I could take a look at their launch collection.  Set up by the lady behind figleaves (genius underwear website, which started when buying bras was a nightmare for anyone who wasn't a B or a C) she spent 2 years tracking down the best leather and styles to create simple yet luxurious bags for us busy girls.  I picked out this Arundel shopper which served me extremely well as a beach/pool bag and is a dead ringer for my favourite Celine tote. A total winner.... Check out the whole site here.


Josie said...

You look lovely, so jealous of your tan! I love And Other Stories too, bought quite a bit from there lately. I think the staff in there are really lovely too, which is always a bonus! xxx

Liberty Wears said...

Absolutely love the shorts and the bag!

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