[Feature] Vestiaire Collective's First Birthday

This week we at work celebrated the UK site's first birthday, and as part of it I thought I'd write a little post about Vestiaire Collective in case you didn't already know... We're a luxury reseller. So what that means is that you can buy pre-owned designer fashion at up to 70% off.  Simples. I first heard about it from Briony and Dearne over lunch 2 years ago, and have been hooked ever since.

My first purchase was a pair of Isabel Marant leopard print shoes that I bought for about £75, and my friend Rosie ended up wearing them as part of a shoot we worked on together... They looked brand spanking new, same with the box and dust bag... It was actually the first time I'd bought anything that could fall into the 'vintage' bracket (even though in truth, very little of Vestiaire Collective is what I would call vintage... most stuff is current season, or up to 2 seasons old).

the Vestiaire Collective team (Isabelle, moi, Sarah, Freddie, Charlie and Frauke) - minus our boys Henry and Lopez

The love continued with a couple of Kenzo t shirts, a pair of J Brand jeans and an iPad case, and then at the beginning of the year I took the obsession one notch further and joined the team!  I've been selling on the site too, and genuinely cannot emphasise enough how stress-free it is in comparison to 'other' sites.  Your item is even picked up from you when it sells, rather than those horrid post office queues. In fact the pair of Tory Burch Revas I picked out in the edit, are mine. Cheeky I know but hey... I thought I'd try and showcase the kind of things you can get on the site... Like my stuff. Ha.

It's being a bit of an online institution for people, last night at our party we had lots of people telling us about how they check on it every day and have tonnes of alerts set up for when their dream piece comes in.  It's great fun seeing how quick things go... Celine bags sell within 10 minutes, Kenzo tiger jumpers go in a day and the amount of Isabel Marant sneakers on the site never fails to amaze me... Any way, I wish you all an amazing (SUNNY) bank holiday - 3 day weekend, bring it!


Unknown said...

Love isabel marant sneakers! Need to get myself a pair of those!

lola said...

I love that shirt!

Anonymous said...

love the isabelle marant blouse!

Unknown said...

love Isabel Marant, she makes truly chic wearable clothes!

love from San Francisco,

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