[Essential] Denim Cut Off Shorts

It's been ages since I did an Essential post, so here you go: In case I didn't post about it enough (note the sarcasm), I went on holiday recently to Marrakech.  Its only when you are actually packing (the night before) for a trip that you realise the pieces you are missing - and for me this gap is actually something I feel I should I bought about 5 years ago. A total staple, the denim cut off shorts are the kind of thing every girl needs to be able to wear in the summer.  They suit everyone - just like denim does - its just about finding a pair that best fits you.

Possibly the easiest things in the world to wear, mainly because they match up with your other basics alongside the trend pieces that inevitably pop up for summer.  I've been trying to hunt down a pair on Vestiaire Collective (day job) as I think a vintage pair are better - for me the whole point in these is that they look a little worn... Here are some other tips I picked up:

Pocket positions - simple but easily forgotten. The back and front pocket placements can actually make the difference between feeling fat and thin in a pair of trousers or shorts.  Basically, front pockets should always be diagonal otherwise they 'line up' your thighs and look odd.  Ideally they should cross over from the centre of your leg to your groin (apparently).  On the back pockets should always start below your widest/pertest part (ooh-er) otherwise they make you look bigger than you are.

How low can you go? -  Basically the lower you can handle having the waistline the more flattering they are as they elongate your tummy and sit at the least fatty part of most women.  Even if it means going a size up (which most people do) to get the 'hang' right, it's absolutely worth it.

Stick to the same brands - If you can't get in one brands jeans, the shorts won't be right either.  The fit remains the same on the hip and waist measurements.

Leg length -  Not all of us have the legs for those teeny, weeny shorts.  According to my stylist friend, the best fitting jean shorts sit 2 inches below the widest part of your leg.  For that reason its often better for you to buy a pair of jeans in a thrift store or charity shop and amend the length yourself.

They are perfect for every occasion, from pairing up with your Hunters for a festival to mixing them with a silk cami vest top for a sunset-type evening night out.  I also love them paired up with bright green and reds - silk shirts are the easiest way to add a block of colour.  New brand love Splendid is great - have a look at theirs here. Total winner.  I am yet to find the perfect pair, I'm going to go and try 100s of pairs on over the weekend at Urban Outfitters (who have hundreds).  Here are some others I have found on my search:

Joes Jeans - Fairly new to the UK market, Joes are fab. What you can't get from the pictures if how soft the denim is. These jeans are lush.
Paige at Matches - their Jimmy Jimmy shorts are AMAZING. I've only just discovered these jeans properly and will never look back. The JJs are just long enough to cover the widest part of your leg, so very flattering.
J Brand at Net A Porter - J Brand have a different woman in mind to other denim brands. A skinnier one. Saying that, their slouchy boy shorts are an exception to the rule. Perfect for anyone looking for quality jeans aren't too short.
Gap - An old faithful, Gap's denim took a bit of a dip but is back with a vengeance. Love their boyfriend style shorts.

For image credits and more denim short images have a look at my Pinterest account here.


nel said...

Really found this post very useful. It's a nightmare for me to find shorts that fit well with my body shape. I'm average built but I have wide hips and that makes it very hard to find shorts that don't make me look fat. I usually find good non-denim shorts but denim ones seem harder to find in a flattering model (they all seem to tight on my legs...). That being said, I will surely try GAP's ones! x

Sharon S said...

Hi there! A really stylish and helpful post and of course, the denim cutoffs are definitely a must have for Summer- a great way to customise well worn favourites too!

Heather Nixon said...

Great outfits and inspiration pics :) ps. love your blog design, so cute :)


Susie said...

I don't know if they're available in the UK, but my fashion designer friend told me that American Eagle has great quality denim and they are super cheap. I got my cutoffs there and I love them, people always think that they're J Crew.

gaby said...

Love the shorts and givenchy Bag !!,



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