[New name] Alice Ashby's Blake LDN

When I started the blog, one of the main themes for my posts were to hunt down new names for good quality fashion staples (hence my Essentials section).  It's been a little side tracked recently, what with work being so busy and weekends being taken up with spending too much time in the pub with friends. 

This evening, after a long day of carrying furniture and tidying up I settled down with a copy of Sunday Times Style (my weekly favourite) and an enormous cup of tea - long story short, I stumbled upon a feature on new name Blake LDN by Alice Ashby (being sported by none other than one of my favourite street style laydeez, Lucy Williams).

Their luxe basics are quite simply, gorgeous - I'm now on a mission to own one of her navy Flyte or Imperial vests (although the green one makes a close second favourite) which will become a summer staple. Knitwear is one of those things that often ends up looking mumsy and is very hard to get chic enough. 

Blake LDN does this perfectly, and according to a little bit of Twitter action from customers they hold their shape very well. Also, with this weather short sleeved knitwear is perfect - warm enough for the cool breezes but cool enough when we can venture out for Pimms.... (the Mirabeau cardigan in their lookbook is amaaaaazing too - here).

Keep an eye out for these guys - with their reasonable price points and eye for quality, I'd imagine they'll be the new must-have brand pretty soon...


Bea said...

L.O.V.E x

Suzie Q said...

Thanks for sharing this brand. The pieces look so cute and chic!

Suzie Q

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