[Craving] Getting Checked Out

Apologies for the lack of posting on the blog, the last few weeks have been ridiculous and getting a stinking cold (the minute the weather turns nice, fab) hasn't helped. I'm currently feeling anything but like a fashion blogger in my pyjamas, curled up as I have been all day on the sofa - completely OD-ing on Lemsip and chesty cough syrup. Pretty as (an extremely unpretty) a picture. Any way, what feeling under the weather did give me time to do this evening was to catch up on the blog and finally get a post done...

I've got a few weddings in May, and therefore need a few outfits. Zara will be my main port of call, as will SuperTrash who are my new favourite find (got a couple of boucle style jacket from there recently). Annoyingly as the weather is so unreliable here in the UK, dressing for weddings is no longer about just getting a pretty little dress, you need a jacket/dress coat to go with it.  For the first wedding, I'm going to wear a white brocade shift from Tegan I got last year, and hunted around to find  jacket that fitted the Louis Vuitton/60s look after spying the one above on Pinterest a few weeks ago...

I finally found this one at Zara over the weekend, which is an absolute dead ringer. I can't wait to wear it - and later pair it up with my blue jeans and white tees... Feeling rather smug about this purchase. The only worry is, as the wedding I'm going to is full of fash-pack types, will anyone else have it!? Weddings are usually a nightmare for me to dress for as I'm the least girly person in the world and hate naff florals and frills and pinks... This outfit avoids all of those, and yet still looks appropriate. Chuffed.


Sarah said...

The Zara jacket is perfection. They have so many lovely pieces in store at the moment!

Unknown said...

I'm loving the first picture outfit. That is so cool! I hope you're all recovered now. Nothing worse than fighting off flu's in the deadly cold.

xx Mandi

Florence Ogram said...

love these looks so much x

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