[Craving] Miranda Kerr's Marni Coat

Sometimes you just need to buy something for the sake of buying it. It happens to me ever so often, today is one of those days.  It usually happens on Tuesdays, at around 10:01am - when The OutNet's weekly brand sale goes live. Lets be honest, there is a little bit of every girl who wants to be Miranda Kerr so when her Marni coat went live for half price an hour ago I've spent every second since pining over the idea of being Mrs Bloom. Purely for the sake of wearing the coat, obviously.

So if any of you decide paying your rent isn't a must this month, buy yourself this beauty here.  And don't tell me about it, because I'll cry with jealousy... It's a winner. Wear it with your basic jumpers, tees and ankle boots - because lets face it, in this weather thats exactly what we will be wearing until August.

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gaby said...

She can wear anything !!! love her style and this Marni coat too!!



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