[Craving] Celine / Zara Patchwork Jumper

Yesterday I went over to Paris with Jessie to show her around the Vestiaire Collective offices and have a general meander through the rails of amazing clothes curated by the team.  I can't even begin to tell you how many things we 'ooohed' and 'aaahhed' over - but the main one was this Celine jumper, being sold unworn by one of Vestiaire's most committed sellers...

I spent a good hour drooling (not literally, it's still beautifully unworn - honest) over it, and then remembered a little find I made at the weekend in Zara (on an epic shopping spree - boy is away so I used the opportunity to buy stuff without him finding out) which is a little more price friendly (but no doubt got less longevity) for £59.  It's not anywhere near as luxurious, but for anyone looking to quench their Celine thirst it'll do nicely...


Cee said...

I saw that jumper when I was in Zara ytesterday and immediately thought of the Celine version... although the Zara one isn't quite the same, it is a much more realistic subsitute - I can't wait to see how you'll wear it :)

Unknown said...

I actually like the Zara version better! I like that it has a number instead of random shapes. Or... are they supposed to be random shapes and just happen to look like a number?


Emma said...

love the jumper! cute n pretty! xo
Emma <3
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