[Featured] Benetton's #UNHATE Campaign

As you might know from my instagram feed, on Wednesday Reem and I were taken along to Paris to see Benetton launch their latest campaign.  Benetton is a brand I've got a lot of time for, even though you could argue it has become a little hidden behind it's competitors at times.  I can remember shopping in their Italian stores with my family when I was little (only place we could find trousers that fit my sister), and their advertising campaigns are ones of few I actually remember clearly...

Their stand out point was their passion for colour and race-equality, as their famous campaigns in the 90s poignantly showed.  These days such issues are less at the forefront in our day-to-day-high-fashion-world as (thankfully) using models from different backgrounds is accepted as the norm. So I was very curious to see how Benetton were going to keep their message going in 2013...

The answer: taking 9 people with inspiring cultural or emotional backgrounds and using them to strengthen Benetton's #UNHATE campaign message. I'm not going to pretend I didn't get a little bit emotional about it all... some of the stories the models have are beyond inspiring. Take Lea T, a transgender model who has faced all kinds of hell trying to break into the fashion industry. Similarly, Alek Wek who broke down the rules when she was the African model to grace covers of pretty much every magazine you can think of.

We got to meet the president of the company, Alessandro Benetton who told us all about his passion for equality and how he sees colour in clothing as a form of expressionism.  I totally agree, and it reminded to really get rid of the grey in my life (without ditching the capsule wardrobe rule). We then saw the filming of the campaign (photos above) where you really saw what he meant - the models looked totally different once they put on their favourite shades - much more comfortable with themselves.

Benetton are selling t shirts from the campaign to raise money for their #UNHATE drive, its a great idea and I'm now firmly back in the Benetton camp - think you guys probably should be too... Check out the full campaign and collection here.


Anita - Fashion Attacks said...

Really nice campaign photos! X

Jennifer said...

so much beauty!

xo Jennifer

Daisy said...

Oh wow, this must have been very exciting. The photos are stunning.

styleonthecouch said...

Such a good idea. Interesting about the models becoming more comfortable in their own skin at a certain stage, must have been great to witness the shoot unfold!

casper+pearl said...

gorgeous blog, love this post!

lots of love from the c&p girls,
casper&pearl blog

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