[Christmas] Westfield Gift Cards

I hadn't done any Christmas shopping until yesterday - not one thing. Not even wrapping paper.  I should have been freaking out but I chose my usual 'bury head in sand' tactic and it was working a treat. But then my sister came over and talked me through all the gifts she'd arranged for our friends and family and I nearly passed out in panic. Then, as if it came from the sky - the lovely Westfield team popped up and saved the day and gave me an early Christmas present of a gift voucher to encourage me to get off my bottom and start shopping...

I didn't actually know they did them - it's genius. You can shop in any store in Westfield, and given the number of them popping up across the country there is bound to be one near to whoever you are buying for - I was half tempted to just buy everyone one of them rather than facing the stores. So... off I went to Westfield London in Shepherds Bush, and the love I once had for it was reignited.  Despite it being a matter of days before Christmas it didn't feel packed - the place is so big it absorbs people and they have thousands of tills in each store.  I ended up buying myself a lot of stuff, oops.

I actually enjoyed it. Above is some of what I bought from Accessorize, Topshop, Gap, Oasis and Reiss amongst others (admittedly I massively exceeded the voucher's limit, but I was in the zone and got everything done!) - and thank you once again to the Westfield team. Merry Christmas!


Cagney & Lace said...

Love the Oasis Christmas dress & the Topshop holly jumper...think I must be feeling a little festive! Lucky you with your voucher, looks like you had a great time spending it.

Hannah from

Anonymous said...

I live near approximately four Westfields, so this is good news! I love your blog here.

Kate from Clear the Way

P.S. I'm following you on Bloglovin now.

Unknown said...

The viva glam lippy is ace I have it and wear it often.

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