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My Sisters with Style feature had a little holiday recently, but is now back with full force - promise!  I was absolutely thrilled when Fanny and Sophie from Vestiaire Collective (Style and Communication Directors) asked to take part, Vestiaire is one of the best finds for me of 2012 - and I owe them a lot of thanks for my Marant heels and my new Kenzo tee.  Vestiaire Collective is an online shopping boutique filled with amazing pre-owned designer pieces - all pieces get authenticated before they reach you - so you can rest with full confidence that your purchase is 110% perfect.

Do you both have a defined style, or does it change season by season?
Fanny: My style is always the same, I'm a 'casual chic' girl - jeans are my everyday basics.
Sophie: My day-to-day style is mostly urban chic, with an androgynous flair.  I like wearing high heels to accentuate my height, I'm pretty tall!

How has your style changed over time?
F: I don't think my style has changed but my taste has.  Getting older I prefer buying less, but better quality. I love my basic essentials.
S: My personal style has never changed, although it is becoming more and more precise.  I add refined pieces of quality to my wardrobe now.  For example a well cut men's coat, or the Penfied parka I bought on Vestiaire.

What influences both of your styles? Do you influence each other’s choices?
F: I like the masculine way Sophie mixes her outfits. Since I’ve known her, I wear more and more jackets now as they are great for my shape.
S: We are quite different personalities but I like Fanny’s dress code. She buys all the latest trends of the season! But I must say that I am a bit more conservative.

What are your wardrobe staples?
FJeans, blouses and scarves. Sophie's will be similar I'd have thought...
SMultiplication of basics: jeans, knits, sweaters and tailored jackets.

What items of clothing make you think of each other? Is there a particular outfit that stands out?
F: For Sophie, it would definitely be jackets and jeans. She's always in them, and wears them so well.
S: The Sofia Coppola for LV makes me think of her, everytime.

If you were to be dressed by one designer for the rest of your life, who would you choose?  Who would you guess the other would decide on?
F Right now, it would be a mix between Céline and Forte Forte. Not sure about Sophie actually...
S: I’ve never been like the total designer look, but if  I had to match my wardrobe with one designer only I would chose Phoebe Philo for Céline. For Fanny I would say Carven, she wears a lot of it and it fits her look.

Do you have any particular ‘fashion memories’ with you own (or your sister’s) style?
FYes, my first purchase on VC: a camel wool cardigan from Céline sold by a friend of Sophie. We were both in love with this cult piece. I was the faster one to grab it….
S: Same as Fanny as I feel like I lived through this purchase with her, but I am happy for her! It fits her perfectly!

Thank you very much to both Sophie and Fanny for doing this interview, and do make sure you check out Vestiaire Collective as they have some amazing pieces on there.  I bought my leopard print Marant pumps and a fab Kenzo tee from there last week - haven't worn the t shirt yet as the weather has been awful, but am very excited to!

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Love Vestiare Collective - also loved their interview/feature on Radio 4 this week! x

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