[Featured] Karen Millen's Perfect Party Dresses

I woke up this morning to a barrage of tweets and texts from friends saying 'Is that actually you on the Karen Millen site?' and one very kind one to the effect of 'Oh my god, can't believe you're such a fashionista these days' (you know who you are, cheers).  But yes, it's little old me. I was very lucky to picked along with some of my favourite blogs (Ella, NaomiDanielle, TalaReem, Milly, Emily, Victoria) to take part in Karen Millen's Perfect Dress Challenge.

I picked out this gorgeous full length black maxi dress, which is £250. I'm incredibly into the whole gothic-luxe look at the moment - dark and beautiful. I posted a similar look a few weeks back and really wanted to find a dress that did the same thing as the top and skirt I wore in the post (have a peek here).

I can't really believe it's November already - October was a huge month for me with lots of changes. Lopez and I are most probably moving house in the New Year so we've been checking out some new areas (I may face SW London again) and I've also been geeking it up creating Pitch and Post - please do check it out, would love any views or feedback on it. Always hard when you work alone on a project, advice gives you such good perspective...

PS - Karen Millen sponsored this post.


Sarah said...

This dress is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

This is a great dress, made even better by the fact you could dress it down (like the pictures) or up with bare legs and heels.

Jess xx

Josie said...

That dress is so beautiful! I love how the model is wearing it with long flat boots.

I checked out Pitch and Post and found it really interesting! I'm rubbish at social media things so it's really useful xxx

Monica Beatrice said...

Hey Anna! Gosh you are on a roll girl! Pitch and Post is really informative and answers the questions so many of us have swimming in our heads! Bravo!

Gorgeous dress too - very well chosen! Would love to see a piccy of you in it - have no doubt you will look stunnnning!

We must organise another coffee soon - spesh if you're moving SW! Sob!!

Have a lovely evening darling and well done again!

MB x

thankfifi said...

congrats anna - this is wonderful!

♥ Thankfifi

The Marcy Stop said...

Congrats! Such a gorgeous dress.

Bargainista Fashionista said...
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Bargainista Fashionista said...

Hi Anna,

Thanks for visiting my blog! Love yours, too.

Like your choice of Karen Millen dress - the gothic trend is huge this season.


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