[Essential] The Grey Knit

It's cold. There is no hiding it, so I am going to embrace it. I've been frantically ordering in some knitwear in an almost 'buy-in-bread-for-the-famine' fashion, it's pretty ridiculous. However, when I say frantic it might lead you to think I've mass bought. But no! I've carefully narrowed down the options to a couple of choice pieces which will get me through winter after winter.

It's pretty clear through browsing Pinterest and street style blogs that comfortable grey classics are key for any self respecting knitwear addict this season. And last season, and the one before that, and the one before that.  I have a Jack Wills cable knit one that I've worn for donkey's years - it's so good they still sell it here for £69. I bought this for my first country winter at university up in Warwick. My God it was cold.

When I was younger it was all about face value with knitwear - but then I shrank it all, the elbows wore and the colour faded. Not to mention the overall ageing of the jumper... Of course it did all of those things, it was £20. In order to get something really worth it's weight in gold wool you need to buy natural fibres like mohair, cashmere and lambswool - avoid the 'esters' as my friend says, they're man made fibres and not meant for cold weather.

Grey is a great colour, it can basically be used as a blank canvas to match with prints and bright colours (or neutrals if you are going for that weekend, earthy look) and is easier to keep clean that whites and creams. I love both the oversize wide-weaves and the body-fit cable knits. I've browsing the internet for a new purchase, here is what I have stumbled upon so far:

Karl - a piece of Lagerfeld's super soft wonderfulness for less than £200 you say? Erm, ok. Have a look here, it's bloody gorgeous.
Hush - this brand are AWESOME for comfort clothes with style, and their stuff arrives in a scented box. HELLO. This cashmere cosy knit is £65, with 5% cashmere for the ultimate luxe feel.
Uniqlo - this Japanese brand never fail to impress me with their quality, which often goes unoticed in their 'mass market' feels stores. They have a deal on their 100% cashmere jumpers for £59. Here is my fave.
Whistles - if you're after something a little less 'hide the Christmas dinner' esque and want to slim your shape, this gorgeous jumper from the clever Whistles team is exactly what you need, for £65.


Not Just A Pretty Dress said...

Not sure why, but every time I go shopping I always manage to come back with two things: white t-shirts and grey jumpers! They are my best essentials and Uniqlo is a favourite place for quality knitwear: their cashmere and fine merino jumpers are just amazing!

Unknown said...

ooh you have inspired me! I need a grey knit now! hope you had a great weekend love!

love from San Francisco,

gaby said...

Great post !!!

Unknown said...

I always love a comfy grey knit! I have so many: it's ridiculous! xx Hayley

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