[Craving] Sixties Jacquard Dresses

Is it just me or is everything metallic and jacquard at the moment? I posted about it back in February after the AW12 shows, and it's now everywhere! I went shopping at the weekend and every store seemed to filled with back and gold metallic prints, and as lovely as it is it's a bit boring... I went to the Drapers Awards on Wednesday and was on the hunt for a dress, finding anything with any colour on it was mission impossible!

Any way, it was on this trip that I came across two absolute dead ringers from Oasis and Topshop.  The Topshop style (above right) has been worn to death by the usual suspects, but I love it.  The Oasis one is a new entry, and I really like it - a dead ringer for a VERY similar one from Victoria Beckham's AW12 collection too.  I like the sixties necklace and the fabric feels very luxe and well put together. I wasn't sure it was quite right for the awards, but I definitely need one of these. Any suggestions on which?


Unknown said...

I think the Oasis one is my favourite of the two - the colour is amazing!

Anonymous said...

Oasis one, I love the colour! x

Emma Louise Layla said...

I'm after a metallic brocade dress too, will go try on these two! ELL Xx

Sarah said...

I adore the Oasis one so much!

Anonymous said...

I love the colour and pattern on the Oasis dress and love the cut of the topshop one _ I think the oasis one wins though

Monica Mariz said...

I love the Topshop one :)

xx Mónica
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